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I know its personal but I am just curious, of course you don't have to answer it but for those of you who don't mind, answer please, thanks! CNA/RN/LPN/PA/APN/fulltime/parttime/casual whatever your profession is, just state it... Read More

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    $35/hour as RN and $39/hour from 3pm-7pm and on weekends.

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    Yes, it depends on what kind of setting and location. I know in Philadelphia, hospitals you can get $27 to start. For nursing homes, about $24. If you do home health, about $35 per visit. And then if you want to do prison, it's $31. This is the average rates from friends that work in these settings. But if you go to the suburbs, it's less.
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    I work as an LPN at a upscale assisted living in Asheville NC. My base pay is $20.00 hr. w/shift diff. I was told that is more than the LPN's at the hospitals in Asheville make. I don't know how true that is...but, I was also told that agencies in Asheville pay more that $20.00 hr. starting for LPN's.
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    Quote from NewGoalRN
    The easiers way to compute this is the following:

    Yearly salary / 26
    Take this number and divide by 80 (or divide by the number of hours you work every two weeks 75)

    This works if you get paid every two weeks
    Certainly does work, because I do get paid biweekly. Thanks!
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    It's really snotty the way some of these people are being so coy. No one has to respond if they don't want to.

    I work in a nursing home in the middle Tennessee area. I'm an RN and I make $25.00/hour.
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    Quote from lee1
    I don't know why there seems to be such a big secret about salaries. My hospital the RNs are unionized so we all know upfront what the wage rates are for varying years of experience, plus add BSN, MSN (paid very little difference though), Clinical ladder, certification (paid the most at $1.75/hr, longevity and it can add up to another $3.00 per hour at least. I have over 40 years experience as a RN most of it ICU/CCU and my hourly is now without the extras on top at $45.3/hour.
    Now, I also live in a very expensive tax area -----central NJ---- my housing value has dropped $50,000 in the last year and my taxes are still over $8000/year for my 30 year old house which has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3/4 acre and supposedly still going up according to the last newspaper articles on my township.
    When we went up to Hopatcong to take over my father-in-law's affairs when he became unable to do so, we found him living in squallor with no running water, no bathroom, no kitchen...though he had a view of lake Hopacong...the property was on less than an acre and of course, the house was unliveable and he was paying $300 per month in property taxes.

    Legalized thievery is all it is.
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    $47/hr in NJ. I work with critical care peds. Have coded three kids myself in home care settings. So families want me to take care of there kids and that;s what i ask them to pay me, plus o.40 per mile, and every day tolls. I get what i want because i am really good at what i do and in some cases the company loses money on me but hey who cares i know the owner of this company is a billionare and $47/hr is spare change to him!!!!!:chuckle
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    LPN, Slidell, La (just over the bridge from New Orleans). 18.00/h with shift diff of 2.00 Eve and 3.00 night, an additional 2.00 for w/e. I work in an LTAC and I'm PRN for now.
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    I am a home health RN in east TN with 2.5 years experience, I make $930/week, salary.
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    I know that Nursing is not all about the money factor, but lets get real, we need to eat and we all like nice things/toys.

    With that said, what is the best paying RN specialty field to get into? I am still in my pre-req stages at school, so I want to make sure I pick something that is not only fun, and challenging, but something that nets me the best bang for my financial aid buck! If I am going to go into debit, I want to get the best return from it

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