How long did it take you to complete the RN program?

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    i have been admitted to the bsn program in which the actual rn portion is said to take 1.5 years (5 semesters) if you go full time. i am curious to know how long it actually took you to get through the rn program and how long it took you all togther to get your bsn.

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    One of the great things about most nursing programs is you can go full or part time. I went part time at the start and then switched over to full time status. Some of my class mates finished their ASN in 2 years while others it took them 4 or more years.

    It all depends on you and your school how quickly you want to and feasibly can complete.
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    Well, I will just be beginning my accelerated BSN program in August, which is 4 semesters long. I started taking prereqs in Jan '07, which was winter quarter, then I took spring quarter off because I had a baby. I went back for summer, taking full time classes ever since. I have this summer off before school starts again, and I'll be done in Dec. '09!
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    I started Summer 2004 and Graduated Fall of 2007, so 3.5 years for my BSN.
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    I thought BSN by its definition meant 8 semesters / 4 years... no?
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    Yes, a Bachelor degree is said to be only a four year program but thats if you are able to go full-time and you do not have to re-take any classes. Most people I Know or have talked to to, it has taken them more than 4yrs to complete a Bachelors degree due to having kids, having to work, ect...ALso, some of the pre-req's that you need to get into the program have required classes you have to take before you can even take them that are not factored into the four years. Therefore, theres another semester added on. This is true for my school at least as well as I have to wait two years just to start my program because of the long wait list. So all togther, if it takes 1.5 years for the program it will have taken me almost 7 years to get my BSN.
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    hmmm almost 5 years...for my ADN..couple years of pre-reqs and then 2.5 for the actual program.
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    I went to a community college... about 2 years for pre-reqs and 2 years for the actual nursing program. So, 4 years to get my ADN
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    So a BSN program is like medical school? How long is an MSN program to become a Nurse Practitioner?
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    Quote from ProLogic
    So a BSN program is like medical school? How long is an MSN program to become a Nurse Practitioner?
    I'm confused... ?

    Med school is for people to become MDs.

    a BSN program for nursing is for people to obtain a Bachelor's in nursing (which doesn't make you a nurse until you pass the NCLEX)

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