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So I emailed a hospital with all 3 level NICUs located about 45 mins from me in Greenville, SC called Greenville Hospital System in the Bryan Neonatal Intensive Care unit (if anyone has or is working there), about shadowing at... Read More

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    I love it when someone is interested in psychiatric nursing and welcome the opportunity to provide a shadow experience.

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    Thank you everyone!

    I'll definitely look into HOSA and ask the teacher in charge what it is they do and how it could help me in the future I'm glad it did good for you!
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    I don't mind students that shadow me but I do expect interest, enthusiasm and some decent questions.
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    Lol! I'm sure everyone hopefully does

    I was hoping that I would get responses like that. I feel like by asking questions and appearing OVER enthusiastic about shadowing that it might erk someone trying to do their job.
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    I hate shadowing. I've been trying to lose that sob for 32 years!
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    One of our hospitals has a "nurse camp" for high school students over the summer. Its one day, and students get to visit several different units. If things don't work out with the hospital you contacted, ask around some of the other hospitals in the area and see if they offer a similar program. The health occupations class teacher could probably give you an idea of where they go.
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    Quote from ScottE
    I hate shadowing. I've been trying to lose that sob for 32 years!

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    Quote from ScottE
    I hate shadowing. I've been trying to lose that sob for 32 years!
    Lol! I just got it
    Excuse the slowness...
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    How do you handle HIPAA with high school students? Those under
    18 can't legally sign a paper attesting to their compliance. They're
    minors. They're under no binding legal constraints to keep patient
    information private. If patients are asked and give permission for a
    minor to shadow their care, are they also informed that that there
    is really nothing anyone can do if that minor violates HIPAA? That
    would be true informed consent, wouldn't it?
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    Well what is HIPAA?

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