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hello, we're (halic university school of nursing, in turkey) planning a research about the differences between checking blood glucose level techniques. we wonder that which techniques do you use in clinics? - which... Read More

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    I'm sure on how to post a question and I ran across this questions so I will just post mine here.

    At the nursing home where I work the nurses check the patient's cbgs and give them their insulin in the dining room while they eating. In school we were always taught to take our cbgs before meals and never do anything invasive in the dining area. I'm not comprehending this. If they have already started eating wouldn't their cbg level be high by the time they got their insulin. Someone please explain this to me. I am a new grad and I feel like what I learned in school is totally opposite of what I do and see at the nursing home.

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    go with what you have been taught, that is one thing that was drummed into our heads from day one, and to NEVER pick up bad habits from other nurses. You are absolutely right in what you have said and bgl's are supposed to be done before meals NOT during.
    the things that i have witnessed on placement and the way i was treated for doing things the way i was taught almost turned me off being a nurse!

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