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  1. heebes743

    Who's going to NTI 2009 in New Orleans: 5/16-5/21 ??

    Yes, guest passes are $20 and that includes everything except the sunrise sessions and the entertainment Wed. nite. I'll be going and can't wait to get some more free goodies and go to all the great classes! And maybe stop at Pat O's for some hurricaines! :cheers:
  2. heebes743

    Welcome AACN members + NTI attendees

    It has been in Anaheim twice in the past few years, the most recent being 2006. I will definitely bring more comfortable shoes to walk around that huge exhibit hall!! And bring less junk in my suitcase to fit more junk I get there! Haha I LOVE all the freebies!! I don't think I'll ever have to buy pens or post-its again!
  3. heebes743

    Favorite session at NTI

    My favorite was the Army nurses from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is so amazing what they can do with so little over there! I did really like Barbara McClean's oxygenation one as well. That one probably helped me the most in my practice! Can't wait for next week!!!!!!!
  4. heebes743

    New Graduate to Convention?

    Hi! I'm a student still (graduate August 1) and went last year before my accelerated program even started! My mother has been an ICU nurse for over 35 years, and she thought it would be a great learning experience for me to attend. I did so and really felt as though I gained a lot from going. I am going again this year with a classmate who wants to be an ICU nurse. I don't even want to be, I'm Med-Surg all the way, but honestly there are so many parallels between the floor and unit patients now, you can pick the concurrent sessions you feel will most supplement your learning and go from there! Plus the exhibits are AWESOME!!! Hope to see you there if you decide to go! It's such a great opportunity for a nurse at any level!
  5. heebes743

    How do you check the patient's blood glucose??

    A 2x2 is a small sterile gauze (2in x 2 in). I wipe the area with alcohol swab Set up the glucometer as the alcohol is drying squeeze the finger prior to and as I apply the lancet then use the blood that comes out for my reading. I don't waste like you do with blood draws, but that's very interesting! I never thought of doing that. Then I wipe the blood off with the alcohol swab and put some gauze on it, and if the patient is awake (I work nights a lot and do fingersticks in the wee hours of the night), then I ask them to hold pressure down on their finger. Hope this helps!!
  6. heebes743

    allnurses.com in New Orleans AACN NTI May 2009

    Woohoo! I'll be there. Going with my mom who's been an ICU nurse for 35+ years! I graduate from OU August 1!!
  7. heebes743

    OU ABSN program

    Hi SD girl. I am currently in the ABSN program at the HSC campus about to graduate August 1 (YAY!) My gpa was less than 3.0 and I got accepted, and in fact, I turned in my application late as well! Granted, my previous degree was Engineering, Most people have low to mid 3.0 GPAs. Hope this helps! And if worse comes to worse, you apply and they say no. You'll never know until you try! :)
  8. heebes743


    Hi! Hope this isn't too late! I am currently in the '09 ABSN class graduating August 1. Any GPA will work. Although they do have a minimum of 2.75 I think, they are mainly looking at your grades in the prereqs. As an Engineering major, I did not have a 3.9 GPA like my Psych major classmates. I don't even have a 3.0 for that matter, and I got in and am doing great. The GPA is mainly an initial "weeding-out" factor for the application process, but really what's most important to them are your prereq grades. Hope this helps, and good luck! :)