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I graduated last October and can't find a job anywhere, so I have an opportunity to move to Italy for a year and I think I'm going to take it but I am worried about taking the time off from nursing practice... Does anyone know... Read More

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    I may be wrong but I thought nurses were internationally recognized? Maybe you could work as a nurse or at least check out volunteer oppurtunties. It may be hard to get a job when you get back but the job market isn't very good right now anyway...
    If I were you I would take the chance that some employers might not like it and go live in Italy! If you stay and job hunt and are unsucessful you will regret it.
    What type of oppurtunity is this exactly if you don't mind my asking?

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    [quote=Faeriewand;4335793]The multicultural experience you will gain in Italy will be invaluable! Wow take it! When all is said and done at the end of ones life do you want to say you didn't take the opportunity and decided to play it safe?!?

    Online classes are the way to go. There might be some volunteering opportunities over there too you can put on your resume. Learn as much of the language as you can so you can say a few things when you get back.

    When you do come back take as many classes as you can in nursing. I've been looking and I just found ACLS, PALS, PEARS, New Grad classes thru a place called Flex Ed here in CA, Nursing courses at both UCSD and SDSU in extended ed. So in your area I'm sure you can find something too And our nurse refresher is thru adult ed., not community college

    Wow I wish I were you right now.[

    At the risk of sounding negative, I will have to disagree with the above post. Sure, anyone would love to move to Italy and not work. Italy is beautiful!!! But you have to look ahead in this case.

    Learning a new language will not help you. When job applications ask if one is bilingual, they almost always mean Spanish...German, Italian, Swahili..etc will not help much if at all (depends on the region). Also, no matter how much you do as far as health care is concerned in another country, it still will not count. US hospitals are looking for US experience. Why do you think they make foreign nurses take GCFN or whatever its called now instead of the NCLEX and get them straight to work? Overseas health care is very different form US.

    Experience will almost always be chosen over certifications. It does help your resume some, but without any hands on stuff, not very helpful. If you were to choose whom to hire between a new grad with no experience and an ACLS card, or a 5 years medsurg nurse with no ACLS, both competing for an ICU position? I bet you the employer would rather pay for a two day ACLS class on the medsurg nurse rather than 8 weeks plus training a new grad.

    Bottom line, we/I can only advise. Its up to you to choose. Who knows you may be luckier than I was. I only advise because I went through something similar.
    All the best.

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