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  1. sjoy

    LPN ATS Institute of Technology....

    OK... I had to make this in BIG letters for the poor misguided individuals who don't have enough research skills to come to an educated decision about whether credits will transfer. I graduated from ATS in MAY 2010. I sat for the board exam in JUNE 2010 and PASSED with 75 questions. It was a cake walk. After diligent research, I found that because the school is accredited I was able to transfer my credits to the following schools: ( Note: I was specifically looking for an online RN-BSN program that 1. Didn't require a bunch of nonsense prereqs 2. Would excuse the LPN program I attended because it was a vocational program 3. Would allow me to advance to MSN NP when I graduated.) University of Southern Indiana Chamberlain Thomas Edison State College and some others that I don't remember.....I stopped keeping notes when I was accepted at Chamberlain. =========== Now....I am currently enrolled at Chamberlain, and have 2 semesters left before I get a BSN. I am working FT as an RN and make 74k/yr. There is no limit to what I can do when I get factual information regarding my education options. Is CSU, Case,Kent, or other local schools your only option? No. People please think outside the box called OHIO. There are so many programs that will accept you if you only ask for an application and have the GPA. Part of the problem is that you ask about your specific school transferring credits. Stop this!! ATS IS an accredited institution and the school is not MANDATED to accept them, so the schools that have heard all of the horror stories, regarding poor patient care by the clinical students, choose not to accept ATS students- usually the ones in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. Also the schools seemed a bit biased about a fairly new nursing program, as if to say, it isn't good enough. As I stated earlier in the post, as a student seeking knowledge, you have to apply yourself and do more than what is given to you if you expect to excel. That is with ATS, CSU, KENT, and any other program. Does that mean ATS students suck? Not all of them. This points to the fact that ATS needs to raise the bar on admissions. Every Ghetto-fabulous person that walks throughout he door with the ability to pay for the degree should not be allowed in the school. When you have a hood rat mentality, it doesn't matter if you are the President( God forbid), your mentality will carry over into the way you conduct business. Same with nursing knowledge..it will be carried out in the manner you perceive. Enough about that. BTW, 60% of my graduating class is enrolled in an RN-BSN program right now, and judging by the responses on this post, most people who are going FORWARD with their education is not stewing over this ATS credit transferring business. It would be wise to do your homework, use critical thinking, and get down to business with this issue because they are making the entry requirements more difficult. Just thought I would share some hope with the the unbelievers:nurse:
  2. sjoy

    Did I make the right choice by going for my RN

    Yes right out of LVN school. It was with Fresenius and most places train you whether you have nursing experience or not
  3. sjoy

    Did I make the right choice by going for my RN

    Yes you made the right choice. I hated clinicals, hated the nursing home..and yes a lot of it was gross to me. After graduating, I vowed never to work M/S or the nursing home or wipe another butt again, and I haven't. I am currently working a position that doesn't require all that, and I am not stressed out. I am making 74k/yr and I'm glad I suffered through nursing school. I would not try to go through it again though. Once is enough. Keep going and know that there is a light at the end of the dark, horrid, fearful tunnel called nursing school.
  4. sjoy

    i shouldn't be asking this.

    actually they are right...if you double the ml you will have 4 mL, and .5 mg which is ordered.
  5. sjoy

    i shouldn't be asking this.

    u r right...good gurl
  6. sjoy

    Please be honest!

    Stable career & more money than I was making. Prestige had a little to do with keeping me in school when I wanted to quit for anxiety of having to deal with the vomit, poo..etc.... SO at this junction, 4 years in, I have to say, that nothing has changed much. I do very little clinical work and more admin. I love it. Working out problems but not necessarily having to get dirty. I enjoy helping people from a distance;) And I am no less a nurse.
  7. sjoy

    For all of you Nurses out there...

    Aww... you sound so sad:crying2: Hang in there. I would have posted the same thing in my last semester, except I was too depressed to type. You will have to find your niche after school. I know everyone says get into a hospital, do med-surg, blah blah blah.... I hated my med surg clinicals the entire LPN-RN year. I knew if I survived I would not step foot on the med surg floor again. And I haven't I am making 60k and i am not having to deal with any crabby patties, funky admin, hospital politics, and all the other crap I know I don't want to deal with... Didn't even take me long to find my job. Again, you may want to do med surg and al that jazz, but guess what? I don't and won't. So if you are worried about liking nursing and being bullied, depending on if your life/finance situation can hang, you will either suck it up (grin & bear it) or move on. Who knows...you may actually enjoy being a nurse. So in essence, time will tell.
  8. sjoy

    The Suicide Tourist

    I suppose you could lean toward the polytheism side of things but let's not be stupid. There is a head to all things, that all things stem from. Nature even shows us this. Seek Him and you will find Him. He said it. I tried Him. I found Him. ..not religion. And since then all that is written has manifest itself in me and in my life. I speak from knowing. You speak from doubt. There is no doubt in Him. When you get there, then we will be talking the same language. Until then, it'll be like talking to a wall...for both of us. The spirit can discern the things of the spirit world. You cannot understand the things of God with your natural mind. To try is futile:redbeathe
  9. sjoy

    The Suicide Tourist

    I suppose your "Education" will save your soul in the end. So smart.. It's that same deception that keeps your soul on a fast pace to the pit. There is room at the cross for you too.
  10. sjoy

    The Suicide Tourist

    To all the evil doers... I tend to look at the heart of a matter. Whether or not it is performed or allowed in whatever state, it is our duty to examine the righteousness of a matter and live thereby. So regardless of the obvious guilt- ridden comment, the Word of God stands sure. And to the OP, regardless of the intent of the thread, God is the head of ALL things and He is appropriate in EVERY conversation. If any one else chooses not to acknowledge Him in every walk of life, then it is between you & God...don't argue with me. I am just another voice of reminder that He has given eyes to see. You are willingly blind & ignorant, and choose the paths of death rather than life. This will be your judgement. There are a billion posts that I could respond to in the same manner, but I was led to respond on this one."He that has an ear let him hear". If not, let the blind lead the blind..you will both fall in the ditch. Don't shoot the messenger...but of course, it's just "my opinion". No..actually...it's the instruction of your God..whether you like it or not. Keep in mind..I'm not against any of you..just the spirit you allow to drive you :redbeathe
  11. sjoy

    The Suicide Tourist

    "Thou shalt not kill"- our creator Funny how we choose to deliberately disobey the Lord of Hosts. Especially when the consequences are so straight forward. Of course "we" twist together a rationale for it..even saying "we" aren't killing..just making it easier for those that want to.." Ironically, there is a "Good Samaritan" law...
  12. sjoy

    SOOOO Nervous about NCLEX

    Did review at school as a separate class. Just start applying for jobs now, because you'll be done b4 you know it. I applied to 2 jobs before I got license, and I got both jobs. I work 1 FT the another PRN. I don't partic like the 1st one so I sent my resume to about 10 other jobs..just fishing..and I got 7 job offers. The other 3 haven't called me yet, but I'm sure they will. Don't let anyone fool you. There are jobs..you just can't expect them all to be in the hosp:nurse:
  13. sjoy

    SOOOO Nervous about NCLEX

    Don't freak. The NCLEX is easy. I just took it on the 8th and compared to the exit HESI...hmm.. its cake. I was also freaking out to the point that I couldn't make myself study anymore. So I didn't. The test is very...very straight forward. Bekieve me, you'll do fine... ...that is if you did ok in the program. Let us know how you do, so I can say "I told you so"
  14. If you didn't do it, see it, or hear it....you cannot write it. Plain & simple. Don't complicate the matter. There is no excuse. Don't get her or yourself in trouble, because when you least expect it it may cause you to lose your job..or license.
  15. sjoy

    Graduated 2 yrs ago and trouble finding job in ca

    Seems like if you didn't work for 2 years that you can suffer not working another year and do LPN-RN. It is more feasible that doing CNA and not using nursing skills at all. CNA work, in my opinion, will not prepare you or give you the experience neede to exercise your LPN knowledge. At all. Some LPN- RN programs are only 11 months and you will definitely be more marketable that your current state, or even if you were to get a CNA posiiton. Besides, do you want to do CNA? I know you need the money but dang...souds like you aren't that motivated to be an actual nurse.
  16. sjoy

    I need some support on my second attempt in nclex rn

    I passed. There IS a God... ...and I know He has my best interest in mind. Thank you Jesus. and thank you all for your support. Now I can breath again:nurse: