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webmansx is a ASN, RN and specializes in rehab.

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  1. webmansx

    "If I Knew Then What I know Now" -Med/surg-to-CCU

    Wow Guys!! Thanks! so overwhelmed right now !I start in a week. Wish me luck!!
  2. webmansx

    "If I Knew Then What I know Now" -Med/surg-to-CCU

    Thanks Haji, CCRN? wow! i though you have to have at least 2 years of critical care before you can even look at that... Got the EKG thing and ACLS algos going...it just seems like so much, but I gotta start somewhere!!:anpom: Thanks Again!!
  3. i did it! i got a transfer to our hospitals ccu from a med/surg floor. i start in a few weeks;. i am really nervous. i have been an rn for 3 years, so not new to the hospital....i should not feel this anxious, but i am. there is so much to learn. question: if you heard that a new nurse would be transferring to your department ( ccu nurses), what would you expect of him/her? how would you perceive her? (if that makes any sense). what should i already know or try to know pertaining cardiac stuff? i'm desperately looking for that "if i knew then what i know now" advice from former med surg to ccu nurse. thanks!!:)
  4. webmansx

    Creighton float pool and choices per diem programs

    Do choices instead. Per diem is a waste of time. Plus trust me they will over work you!! You wanna get paid for your "suffering" :)
  5. webmansx

    Nebraska RN jobs...looking for one!

    Hi ghettogenius2010, I see you had written this a while back, hope you have a job by now, if not : Creighton University medical center is hiring. The med surg floor are pretty desperate at this time. A lot of nurse have left. They also have a new grad program as well. Go to indeed.com and you can browse around and see what you can get. A word of warning though: be prepared to be over worked, underpaid and under appreciated. Just get your foot in the door, get some experience and look for another place. Good luck
  6. Dear Renee1126, I was in your position a few years ago. After graduation, I married a military man and was shipped off immediately overseas for 2 years. I did not work. Coming back, I had a hell of a time getting employers to take me seriously. Here was a new grad who had done "nothing" (according to them) for two years. This was also at the very beginning of the economical crisis, but I was still lucky to get a slot at a small hospital in a less desirable 'specialty". When I left the country in 2006, at that time all you had to be was a live RN in good standing..now they want a BSN, certifications in this and that and lots of experience...RELEVANT in the area/specialty in which you are applying!! If I were you I would enroll in a BSN or Masters program on line. School is always a good reason to not work. Then use that excuse when you come back and job hunt. Hopefully the economy will have improved by then. My advice, if you really care about your career, stay if you can. If you do go, when you come back just keep in mind that you will not be competing against the average new grad..but vicious, frustrated new grads, some who have been job hunting since 2008 who are ready and willing to do anything for a job, and other experienced nurses who have been doing all and everything to improve their chances of getting hired...while you are in Italy. Good luck, I hope you make the right choice. This is just my 2 cents.
  7. webmansx

    The Skeleton Key

    Cb RN you are so funny!!! " glad that nursing degree was good for something..." LOL!!!
  8. webmansx

    Constantly rejected from OB...

    I hear you. I have always wanted to do ER. Just like you, Iwas advised to do med surg type stuff for a year. Acute rehab was the only position open at the time, took it, (again as advised) -that it is a nice slow learning environment, excellent for a new grad. Boy was I wrong!!! Now,two years later, not even med surg will take me
  9. webmansx

    confused, stressed and scared.

    Relax. Deep breathing, lots of h20. This is very normal for a new RN. You JUST finished orientation, give yourself a break. You will feel like this for the next 6 months to two years. Just take it one day at a time.
  10. webmansx

    finding a job before moving to another state

    Go ahead and apply. It may be a while before you get a job. At the same time apply for the license as well (get a compact license that way you get the job that opens up first. Worked for me.
  11. webmansx

    Into the unknown

    :):) Hi!!! Thanks for reply. I will PM you :):):)
  12. Woooo HOOOOOO! See!! It almost always works out in the end! Good luck on your new Job!!!!
  13. Dear Joyfulone84, When I read your post, I felt an obligation to anwer/help/advice you as this (child care issue) has been the main reason why I have not worked in certain places or accepted certain jobs that I would have loved in the past. It haunts all nurses with children at some point in their careers. Its a sacrifice working moms must make. What makes me appreciate this predicament more that others is the fact that we are both military-you know what that means, moving, not knowing anyone, no family support as you are in a new place...I totally feel yah! Enough of that...now for solutions!! 1. Can you talk to your boss and explain you position and see if she can work orientation around your schedule? (assuming you are 100% sure the job is yours) 2. Ask around at the militarily base. Which day care do you use?, military? those waiting lists can be long. I have found that some of those care givers do their own private baby sitting on the side. talk, ask around 3. Does the hospital offer some kind of child care for their employees? 4.Bring your kid over and I will help baby sit...just for a week right? :-) 5. Call family support center. They may have some ideas. You may be surprised by how many people were/have been in your situation Good luck, take the job!!!! It almost always works out in the end. PM me if needed.
  14. webmansx

    Into the unknown

    Caliotter3, thank you for taking the time to reply. Hubby is in the Military. Being gone/deployment is part of it. Even if I go with him, I won't be "with him". How is the job market in Nebraska? My fear is to go to a place with no job, no family, no friends....and a deployed husband!
  15. webmansx

    Into the unknown

    Anyone out here? Anyone....