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This is just one of those nightmares that you never think will happen to you.. I was scrubbed for a lap fundoplication yesterday. Haven't done one in a while, and found it a bit hard to keep up doing the suturing. A suture was... Read More

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    Thanks for all the support and encouraging comments here....

    Well today the same patient was brought back into my theatre for a laparoscopic retrieval. I scrubbed for this because i felt that i needed some sort of closure. We spent a good two hours trying to remove it but unfortunately the damned thing was sort of tucked up in a crevice between the spleen and bowel, and the surgeon (the same one who did the previous case) did not want to poke around in there.

    He was actually really sorry about the whole thing, blamed himself and i worried about it for nothing. A few anaesthetists who really can't stand the guy stuck there head in the door during the case and made some remarks to me such as 'make sure he doesn't leave anything in there this time!' which i felt was a bit insensitive, (even though he does treat people rather badly at times), it's still not nice to think of the patient with a suture stuck inside them, not a laughing matter.

    Last year a very similar thing happened during a lap fundo. The needle somehow broke off and the count was incorrect. The surgeon did an on table x-ray, showed that it was still in there. They decided it was ok to leave it in there, it would just encapsulate. I'm wondering if this a common thing with these types of sutures (we use 2-0 Novafils....)

    But the problem is the the senior nurse who told me they had written the incident in the progress notes. I searched her notes today and there was no entry from them! I'm so annoyed at myself for not doing it when i had the chance and for relying on someone else. I wrote an entry and described the incident, probably too late now being two days later but it had to be done. Another important lesson learned, document anything yourself, don't rely on anyone else!
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    I am glad to hear that your fears were calmed. Keep up your good work, and thanks for the thanks guys.

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