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Are there hiring freezes all over the country? Am I the only one who thought nursing was one of those magic careers that the economy couldn't hurt? :crying2: I think I need a hug! When I started... Read More

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    Quote from nuwbee25
    Haha funny you say the IT sector, my brother has a degree in computer science and works in the IT department for a company.....actually he has always been able to find a job no problem and he has switched jobs 3 times in the past 4 months..well into the recession. The field of IT has very limited qualified candidiates with more job openings, it is much easier for them to get hired than new graduate nurses. My uncle is a doctor at the hospital I work at as a CNA and my aunt and her daughter are both nurses there as well. Did I mention I had my resume professionally written? Thanks for your suggestions but it is nothing that has not been said so many times to us new grads and to say you got ONLY 3 offers as though that is not such an amazing accomplishment. Most people I know can't even get HR to call them back let alone interview them.
    People are only trying to offer suggestions to help those still interested in continuing with their job search.

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    with the way how the economy is ,hopitals are only posting jobs for experienced nurses.

    The big question that no one has an answer to is how can a person gain experience if no place is hiring new grads?

    I'm not even going to hold my breath waiting for that answer because I know the situation will end up grim.

    I have only worked as a RN for less than three months. I was fired from my first nursing job. When I have interviewed, they asked what have you been doing with your time? In my mind I think , gee i don't know, just twiddling my fingers hoping for a miracle and thinking this nursing degree and my license totalled x amount of dollars, where is my bailout?

    Come on, what kind of a question is that? are they that oblivous to what is going on with the economy. once you are licensed you can't work below your licensure status. I can't apply for a CNA job. i'm sorry i'm an inexperienced nurse looking for a nursing job in these hard times.

    Once again it all comes down to the mighty dollar . No hospitals want to spend time and money on a new nurse during these hard times. They just want someone they can hire who can hit the ground running. and many of the nurses they do have working are pretty much hitting the ground due to exhaustion from working crazy and long shifts.

    It is crappy that being an inexpereinced nurse is not a recession proof gig.

    sorry for my rant.
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    I am moving to NYC because of my husband's job and would like to get feed back on
    what may be out there regarding new grad programs in NYC Hospitals.
    I graduated in Sept 09 with a BSN and am looking for a med/surg position.
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    Quote from mtnheart
    I am moving to NYC because of my husband's job and would like to get feed back on
    what may be out there regarding new grad programs in NYC Hospitals.
    I graduated in Sept 09 with a BSN and am looking for a med/surg position.
    You might get more info/responses by also seeking this info in the NY State forum ! Just a tip.
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    These positions, if you look more closely, require a minimum of one year experience.
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    Many of the new grad positions in NY hospitals have GPA cut-offs. For example, NYU has a 3.5 GPA cut-off. It says so on their website. I had that GPA and applied and got back a postcard from them stating that I did not have the qualifications. I called them and pointed out that they had approached my school at a job fair and told them I had the requisite 3.5. They then told me that they had no more new grad positions available and that that was the postcard was really trying to say. However, one of my colleagues was hired there (she jumped ship for a different hospital after only 3 months) and she had a 3.8 GPA. It seems like they are all looking for the perfect candidate and if their website says 3.5, you can be sure they are looking for higher if they can get it. But, as her behavior demonstrates, there is no guarantee of retention even with high grades.
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    Quote from April, RN
    Jobs are NOT plentiful here right now in the Boston area, even for experienced nurses. Many of the hospitals are on hiring freezes. It's terrible for new grads here, but it's not easy for the experienced ones either.
    This was my post from almost 2 years ago. Things haven't gotten better.

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