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help about position paper

  1. 0 Hi! can you please help me to find an issue or topic? thank you!
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    I'm pretty sure that your assignment is to write a position paper on something that YOU feel strongly about.

    Not us.

    No doubt someone will come along and feed you topics, but my guest is that you are supposed to be the one choosing both the topic and the position.
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    I agree with roser13, at the very least you can manage this part by yourself, right? You are in college and have at least tried on your brand new big girl panties and all.

    If you needed someone to proofread a few paragraphs and help you around an awkward phrasing once you have already completed the first few drafts of your paper, I think you would find some people here that would be glad to give you some critique.
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    Have you tried Google - plenty of issues and topics there
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    It needs to be something that you are interested in and something you care about - end of subject.
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