Has anyone received their license after submitting declaratory for bipolar?

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    I checked yes on the RN application about whether I have been diagnosed with bipolar within the last 5 years. I am so worried now. What if I can't become an RN now after going through all that schooling?
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    Holy crap. What state are you in? You seriously had to reveal that kind of information?
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    Colorado and yes, it's a crappy question!
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    Wow... I dont think I agree with that question being asked.

    I dont know if I would have divulged that information to them. I guess they can find out anyway though... ?

    Did you sign a medical release ?
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    I agree. It seems very unfair to ask a new GN that question. You're burned if you tell the truth and you're burned if you don't. The Colorado BON is run by Nazi's.
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    No medical release signed but if they find out later, they would pull my license for sure! Will I even get it in the first place though?!?!
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    Texas asks the same about a number of Psych diagnosis when you apply and when you renew. They stopped asking about depression, thankfully. Checking yes isn't an automatic disqualification as I understand it. What really sucks is that these license files are public records! Don't know if they are in CO or not.
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    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
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    Quote from LfmVigilo
    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
    In nursing school, an Ohio BON member came to our class & gave a lecture on the Ohio BON. When asked WHY the state requires disclosure of a bipolar diagnosis (& maybe other psych issues - I can't remember), she started a BS song & dance routine about it all being for patient safety, and also said that the board was concerned about the threat of a bipolar nurse stealing medicine from pts, blahblahblah. I guess we should also be concerned that those scum nurses with hypertension or diabetes might also steal meds from their patients. Idjits!
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    Quote from LfmVigilo
    A bipolar and pedophilia diagnosis are asked for Ohio's BON.
    Because those 2 diagnoses are so similar? And similarly risky for the general public, etc.??

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