Is it hard to find a job after Nursing school?

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    I just read a thread about this.Someone said they applied to Taco Bell for a job b/c they couldn't find a job as a RN.Is this a joke??

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    You have to be willing to relocate, work less than ideal hours, and take entry level positions. It seems people are rushing into nursing with the thinking that getting a job will be an easy score. The competition is high and nursing is not a recession proof career. If our economy collapses and the dollar bill goes downhill, it is unrealistic to assume a specific career would not suffer.
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    I think you have to be patience and have faith. I'm a recent May grad and I had no problem getting one neither did any of my classmates. However, I did feed into that whole idea of "what if's" and grabbed the first one that was offered and it is torture I'm trying to get out. I was recently offered another position that I wanted all along.

    So just be patient and if you're still in nursing school see if you can volunteer, work as a nursing student, to get your foot in the door this always seems to help. Also alot of my classmates had contracts with hospitals that had paid their way through nursing school and was almost guranteed a spot since the hospital had already invested money in them.
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    It depends where you are and your background really. Some people have it easy because they already work in a hospital; some not so much. We just have to hope that the economy gets better.
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    I'm a may grad and I have a very hard time finding nursing job,granted I dont have hospital experience yet I never suspected it will take so long to find something,sight,.
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    I worked in the corporate jungle for a long time before I decided to do something useful with the rest of my life. I know what it is like to have to go out a dig for a job.I think nurses got a litle spoiled in the past. In a lot of places a nurse could quit a job in the morning and have another one before supper. Now it's a lot different.

    Think of job hunting as a game. The more skilled players get the jobs. I have a spot waiting for me when I graduate later this month as an GVN/LN in an acute care facility. I got it through networking and using contacts I had developed through the years and while in nursing school. I did not apply to a single position I saw in a newspaper or on Monster or any other job search site. I had five interviews in two weeks and I got every one by networking and making cold calls to put in applications.

    My advice, for what it's worth, is try to attend a couple of job hunting seminars. Most state employment services offer them free of charge. If you can't do that, find a good book on the subject. The advice you get sounds corny and you think that none of it works but it does. It has for me a couple of times. Also, never blow off anybody you come in contact with. The casual acquaintance you make today may be the one who puts you onto a really good opportunity next month.

    GilaRN made a very good point above. When the economy goes south it affects everything. Unfortunately, this time around it has hit health care. Everyone will have to adapt.
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    No job is a guarantee in a recession. Not even those people think as being "secure".

    I'm an experienced teacher and have multiple teaching certifications to teach any science from grades 4-12 which is supposedly "in demand" and the only job offer I could snag last year was 70 miles away from my house. I can't even find a job as a substitute as most districts have so many apps from certified teachers not able to find teaching jobs they aren't even taking apps anymore. One district told me they currently have 400 apps per job....

    Just as a reference in the past I typically receive phone calls for interviews within a few days of applying and have multiple schools and districts to choose from plus stipends.

    But here I sit not even able to find a job scraping gum off kids desks while I'm still waiting to see if I've been accepted into nursing school next spring. Very frustrating as I was hoping to at least teach summer school or sub for the fall to save some cash for school expenses...

    So if it's hard to find a job after nursing school I guess I'll take my chances since it can't get a whole lot worse for me at the moment LOL...
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    I absolutely understand your situation. I worked at a district for 15 years. I just got my science credential after being a substitute for a while. I was positive that I would get a position in science.
    Well, like you said they got about 400 apps/position. They don’t count substitute as experience, even though I was long-term in biology and health at a middle school. To make my life a bit more exciting! They laid off most of the elementary school teachers and placing them in the sub pool on top of us. I’ll never get an assignment like that.

    I’m lucky to have a medical assistant certificate from when I was younger. The clinic behind my house hired me. I know! I’m NOT going to be able to sub next year. I’m retaking my nursing prereqs and taking a chance.
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    I really think it depends where you are living, the need, and where you want to work. I graduated in May and found a job right away, but I'm working in a unit which recently had a shortage, and I contacted HR ever since Feb. 2009 letting them know I would be graduating in May. Most of my NS buddies found jobs right away. Just be persistent and fill out many applications and try your best to speak to Nursing Recruiters and Nursing managers because it will help the process go smoother and faster. Good Luck!
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    Quote from beachbutterfly
    I'm a may grad and I have a very hard time finding nursing job,granted I dont have hospital experience yet I never suspected it will take so long to find something,sight,.

    If you don't mind me asking,in which state are you located?

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