happy blame the nurses week

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    oh wait... that's every week.

    Nonetheless, bless us all and all we do (:
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    this made me laugh for real
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    When I worked in the hospital, I despised nurses' week because it felt like "here's one week of the year where we're going to pretend we value our nurses but tomorrow we'll be back to screwing you."
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    Here Employed Nurse! Have a travel coffee mug!! Now get back to working short-staffed and don't forget to kiss everybody's butt with a smile and a "I have time!".
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    I have to say this. I completely feel the thanklessness a lot. I totally get the cynical feeling we all have at times. But ladies and guys, if we really feel this way most of the time, why do what we do? Why be nurses? I think that our patients, our families and ourselves are much better served by getting out of the field if we feel this way. I tell my family and friends that if I won the lottery tonight, I would still be a nurse. I LOVE BEING A NURSE. I hope we all feel this way, or honestly, we shouldn't be doing it. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but rather make us all evaluate. Are we really unhappy about our jobs most of the time? Or are we rather more like what I feel; love my job, but sure do have moments like, "Are you seriously making me work this short-staffed?" and "Gee, sir, I know your toe hurts at a "10" but my patient in the next room is actively dying of pancreatic cancer, and pretending he's not in horrifying pain". These moments are way behind the moments where a family member who just lost a loved one gives me a hug and thanks me for caring for them with grace and dignity.
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    If I won the lottery, I'd most definitely still be a nurse! I'd probably only work part time or PRN tho, so I could enjoy more time with my family
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    Oh I don't hate being a nurse..........the title of the thread is highly amusing though!
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    I have a powerball ticket for tonight....and I would retire! or start my own business and charities/scholarships.
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    Don't want to rain on anyone's negativity parade, but what did you as nurses do to honor your fellow nurses? We have to uphold each other. So important that we honor those who are important to us. No $$$ required, nice notes and/or letters to managers mean the world to each of us.
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