hairstyles on nurses....your opinion

  1. what is your opinion on appropriate hairstyles for nurses? i've seen some nurses with hair down to the middle of their backs. maybe they pulled it up when going into pt care, maybe not. wouldnt hair that long get in your way? or get caught on something?
    im still a student, so we have to have hair off our collars, and we can't even wear ponytails, b/c htey can swing forward when you lean over. dont think it should be that strict, but i just wonder about the really long hair and how to keep it out of the way when you wear it down to work, unless you pull it up every time you go into a room,which isn't that practical.

    whats the general consensus on this?
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  3. by   chad75
    Appropriate hair for nurses? Umm clean and not unkempt. If you have long hair and there is a chance of contamination while performing a sterile procedure (OR) you should probably restrain your hair in such a manner that is not an exposure risk. I don't see any issues other then the above.
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    From what I know...
    Your hair should be pinned up. Not flying everywhere or being a hassle my getting in your face.
    Yet, it shouldn't look unprofessional or too over the top. Meaning 25 cans of hairspray keeps it in place. Or it's distracting to others.
    I think hair should basically be kept out of your face and tamed.
  5. by   nursepearl
    I have long curl hair that goes to my waist. I have it down some times. But most of the time it is half up, half down. If I am going to do somthing like put in a foley, start an IV or change a CVC dressing....I will put it all the way up. Also, if I am going into an isolation room, I pull it all the way up or tuck it inside the gown or my shirt.
    I dont have a problem keeping it out of things or getting it stuck in anything.
    As long as its clean and doesnt smell like the products you use (work in oncology with sensitive patients), it should be okay.
  6. by   leslieanne
    In Denmark, your hair has to be up. If your hair hangs forward at any length you have to pin it up. Ponytails are ok, as long as they don't swing forward too much. If you have long hair --- it's bun time!!
  7. by   not now
    As long as it doesn't have the potential to swing forward and hit the bed/patient/bedpan/whatever I couldn't care less.
  8. by   UM Review RN
    As I was bending forward to assess a patient's breath sounds a few nights ago, the patient said, "You know, you have really nice hair."

    I was shocked. A patient--a GUY--noticed my hair. Even my own DH has to be prompted.:chuckle

    He went on to say, "You know, I noticed because it's up and it's neat, not hitting me in the face, like some of the girls' hair."

    'Nuff said.
  9. by   rjflyn
    Hair whats that, gotta have hair to style yet alone get in the way-

    going bald
  10. by   Antikigirl
    ROF! Okay I had an issue with this...long hair, keep it pinned or behind your back just for pure cleanliness..ewwww! Short hair, I say go for it!!!!!!

    Honestly I think it is time we get out of the 20's as far as what a nurse should look like (okay remember I work with Geri's whos idea of what a nurse should look like still revolves around an hourglass shape, single, and THE CAP....ouch! I am a bit bias! LOL!). As long as you are clean, kept and keep your hair out of things..good to go! I also believe in showing yourself as far as wearing appropriate uniforms or scrubs (not the stark whites...oh no no!, but look professional, you earned keep that one up!).

    I am all for tattoos, piercings and what not as long as while you are at work they are completely covered..with exception to earrings...I don't think two piercings on one ear is bad..but more is a bit much for some...especially on the upper ridge (which I have, and wear the thinest gold hoops, and my hair goes over them and no one has noticed...even my caregivers that dorn nose rings!!! LOL!).

    I like to be professional, but yet I want to be me too. Without me, there is no Nurse me, so...

    I wear a uniform...pastel button down shirt, white vest, tan pants, clean and kept, short spikey hair (no colors of hair out of natural, so I went blonde highlights with my natural brown but lucky for me it so blends in and doesn't look drastic in any way..whew! I would die it back brown if it did..don't want patients calling me two toned or skunk! LOL!). I wear funky socks (can't see them anyway), tan shoes, and only one set of earrings (the almost invisable ones I spoke of!). I don't wear makeup because I don't want to at 0500! On Causual Fridays, Oh boy do I go wild..LOL, purple or blue scrubs with matching cover up that I had from my last job..but I get lots of complements on the color and my skin tone..LOL! Then I may dorn a pair of holiday earrings for fun right now (but I tend to wear small ones by habit, I once was a sales gal for clothing and I had a small loop a hanger on one..ummmmmm..that hurt! So I don't do that anymore! LOL!).

    Most of my caregivers tie their hair back, or use one of those cool claw clamps to hold it up...looks great!!!!!

    But it is like I said to them...we are not a fashion show, and if we were it wouldn't be the fashions of the 20's or 30's...but the 2000's and that would be rather shocking! (yeah but hugging low riding scrubs..oh joy..LOL!) so try to find the middle ground yet represent yourself professional and personally in balance!
  11. by   ERNurse752
    I have long curly hair...wear it in a ponytail, and don't have problems with it flopping around and getting into things. Used to wear it half up/half down, but it got to be too much time and trouble getting ready for work.

    I wish I could use those claw things...but I wind up looking like a have a lopsided poodle sitting on top of my head.
  12. by   Ruby Vee
    neat, clean and out of the way -- anything else should be personal preference.
  13. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    We have a nurses aide who is black. She is always changing her weaves. Some of them are pretty but last year around Fourth of July she came in with this firecracker red extension on top of her head. One of the surgeon's made a comment about proffesionalism and she was promptly sent home. I felt bad for her because I know it was probably expensive. However, hairstyles should be appropriate for the work place.

    One should stick with the blue and green hues as they are more pleasing to the eye. :chuckle
  14. by   NurseGuy_in_06
    I say as long as what you wear, hair and uniform, doesn't scare the patient. At our hospital the average age and sex of the patient is 69 yo female. They are from a way different generation and get a lot of their info about how a person's clothes and such reflect the type of person they are from TV, not the most reliable of sources. I know the original question concerned hair but someone mentioned tatoos, earrings, scrubs, etc. and thought I would give my 2 cents.
    PS Cleanliness is just expected.