Graduate RN at 57 years old

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    Here's my brief history: I earned my LPN way back in 1981. Worked for a short while in PCU (back then: Progressive Care Unit), Physician's offices & a little home health care. , but left the field to open a small custom bake shop for 10 years ( which was very successful, but always kept being reminded that my true passion was to be an RN). Now, I am excited & proud to announce, I will be graduating from an ADN program this December (on my birthday!) at 57 years old. I plan to continue toward my BSN, & be around 60+ then! The reality is, most nurses at my age are thinking about retiring, as I am now starting my new career! Is there hope for me finding a job in the world of younger applicants? Will I be accepted positively as a new nurse? I feel so much younger than my actual age, but I know the younger nurses may see me as a "senior", & of course, that is not how I see myself.

    Any older new grads out there/

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    Congrats on your achievement! As a one-year-younger RN, I have to say that I admire your drive and ambition. I will admit that I am enjoying my desk job and occasionally thinking about retirement. But you go, girl!

    I will give you one caution - when I was a "elderly" new grad at the age of 40, one of my biggest issues was the assumption that because I was old, I was experienced. Unfortunately also, it was August, when all the newly-minted interns were sprung onto the med/surg floors. It was somewhat comical, in retrospect, the way some of the newbie interns would jump at the chance to ask a seasoned nurse for advice on a patient. Seems that the smarter ones had listened in class when they were told that they could learn a lot from a old nurse

    I learned quickly to ward off the interns by saying "I'm new here - let's go find someone who's been here longer."

    Good luck in your career!
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    I just want to say CONGRATS 🎉 & Thank you. Ive wanted to be a nurse since I was an MA @ 18 but didn't find my time till I was 39. Currently I am an LVN (since 39 yrs old) but I have always wanted my RN MSN. I am pursuing my RN today & I am looking up at you. I love that you have followed your passion & dreams.
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    Congrats! The two people in our class who were oldest (I hate saying that cause it makes it sound like a negative which it's not) are 55 and 58 and they're both sitting in hospital orientation with me now as new grads
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    Best students in my class years ago were the oldest ones.

    My best to ya! You'll be hired for sure.

    Pretty sure I'd forego the BSN if I were in your shoes... personal choice based on financial recoupment, due to prospective retirement at 66 or so.

    Not sure how long you intend to maintain FT employment... or how much of the cost of the BSN you'd be footing yourself.
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    CONGRATS!!! Welcome to the club!
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    Congratulations, and thanks for the first post that actually made me feel not old! (I'm fitty)
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    Quote from aTOMicTom
    ... thanks for the first post that actually made me feel not old! (I'm fitty)
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    After a career change, I graduated from nursing school in May and start my new job as an RN in two weeks. At age 58. So no worries. You are doing the right thing.

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