GPA for nursing job?

  1. I am a male nursing student and am curious what kind of GPA is needed for a nursing job?
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  3. by   nj1grlcrus
    just pass the classes and pas the NCLEX, there's no minimum GPA as far as I know, what's the saying? 74.5=RN something like that, good luck
  4. by   SteveNNP
    You don't necessarily need a great GPA to be a nurse. You will probably need a certain GPA to get INTO nursing school and GRADUATE nursing school. We had to maintain a 2.25 average at the private university I went to. every school is different. The saying goes..... C = RN
  5. by   nicunana
    We have a 22 week comprehensive orientation program for graduate nurses & to even get in, you need a 3.5 GPA. You wouldn't believe the number of applicants!
  6. by   rita359
    GPAs are important in nursing school for passing. A high gpa doesn't necessarily mean passing boards on the first try. Pass boards and you have your RN. I suppose some institutions may look at gpas but most just look at license. That being said, for your own satisfaction your gpa should be as high as you can possibly get it. After all you will have patients lives in your hands.
  7. by   marilynmom
    It seems to depend.

    To get a job as a nurse extern, etc where I live you have to have a good GPA and the competition is high and they mainly hire their RN' from the extern pool. We had over 400 applicants for 100 jobs at one place. I was very glad I kept my GPA high in my nursing courses in order to land a job there in the PICU!

    GPA for RN jobs also depends, some of the areas that are popular where I live (critical care areas mainly) they do look at new grad GPAs because they get a lot of applicants (they only look at new grad's GPA, not those with experience), others where there is a desperate need (med/surg, etc) they don't care at all when it comes to new grads. The saying C=RN may be true, but some places it won't get you the job you may want right off the bat.

    It is not anything I would really worry about at this point though. I would worry about getting into a nursing school and taking it from there! There are a LOT of RN jobs out there for everyone!
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