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I was on orientation on days and then got moved to nights which is what I was hired to do. It was my first night on orientation with a preceptor and I was not feeling the best, was very tired got an admission at 2 am and was up... Read More

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    Quote from SionainnRN
    And since this pt was hypotensive she was not at risk of fluid overload...where is that coming from?
    Unfortunately, that is not always true. I have seen CHF pt with low BP that will still be rehydrated gently and not have a liter just bolused into them. I've even seen boluses as low as 250 mL for CHF patients...especially those with poor renal function.
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    Thanks for all the advice offered to our member.

    Acknowledging mistake, understanding how it happened and coming up with action plan to prevent re-occurrence will go a long way for next job interview.

    Consider RN refresher course if in a tight job market area to show you've taken extra effort to update skills.

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