A good team player

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    I have heard this used here recently. I have also heard it used at staff meetings.

    Exactly what does being a good team player/member mean when it comes to nursing?

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  2. Poll: What are the individual characteristics of a “good team player”? multiple choice

    • Going along with the crowd without objection

      9.41% 8
    • Sacrificing personal beliefs and values to see your team succeed

      29.41% 25
    • Follow the directions of management

      37.65% 32
    • Acceptance of the same conditions as the other members of the team without objection

      28.24% 24
    • Accept the same patient load as other members of the team

      62.35% 53
    • Perform the same duties as other members of the team

      62.35% 53
    • Not to object to or disagree about the direction in which the team is heading

      14.12% 12
    • Not to point out weaknesses or lack of logic within the team

      14.12% 12
    • Sacrifice and or suffer as much as the other members to reach a goal

      50.59% 43
    • Other, please list

      16.47% 14
    85 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    Your options sound too bitter and self-sacrificing.

    How about:

    Pulling your fair share and supporting your team members while advocating for safe patient care and maintaining your professional standards.
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    i agree with kitty
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    How about one of the choices being "none of the above". I agree with RNKitty.
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    I think I have to agree with Kitty too.

    If the qualities you listed are the qualities necessary to be a team player, I guess I wont be part of the team. Being a team asset is one thing, giving up hope that bad situations can't be changed, and just going in the direction that causes the least amount of waves is settling for less than we deserve.

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    t together
    e everyone
    a achieves
    m more!
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    I with Kitty, too. Teamwork means helping each other get the job done--or, as my mother would say, "Many hands make light work." It tends to be more fun that way, too.
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    I like the words of prmenrs' mom: simple and elegant. Say a lot.
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    i think a team player is no more than working together towards a goal. in our case its patient care. this doesnt mean you really have to sacrifice anything, it just means helping out. accepting the same number of patients as everyone else isnt being a team player, sometimes its being a flunkie. team playing, in my mind, is not being a sheep and blindly following the flock. sometimes the flock is headed in the wrong direction.
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    RNKitty started out right. but how about if it's more like this....
    It's kind of like the football game I watched today, Wildtime. I was rooting for University of North Dakota (I went there a million years ago!), can't remember who the other team was (Green Valley??????).
    A team player can be someone who's down there in the mud with the others, or someone who excels and makes the team something extra special, exceptional, and winners. They will go the extra mile for the benefit of the whole team (and also the patients).

    WAY TO GO UND FIGHTING SOUIX!!!!!!!!! (now I hope that the ESPN newscasters and the rest of the world know and remember that UND is not North Dakota State, nor should they confuse the ND on the helmuts as standing for Notre Dame!)

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