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My hospital just started strongly enforcing nurses to not login to a patient's chart unless you have clocked in (7 min before start of shift). It hasn't been a big problem for me since I usually come... Read More

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    Where I used to work report didn't start until 5 after the hour. So if you are able to punch in 7 mins early and use that 5 mins, that is almost 15 mins you have to look basic info up on your patients. Plus, we had to be done with report and punch out on time, they really watched our incidental overtime. Once people quit complaining about the changes and quit being negative saying this would never work and it would take forever and accepted it as the way it is, it actually worked out quite well and people really started to like it. It really helped to start the day on a better foot, because in that half hour you would usually be sitting in a room talking about patients you were actually already meeting them and half assessing them, and the report was better (less subjective and more objective, less gossiping i guess you could say).
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    Quote from wooh
    I'm amazed at people that WANT to work for free. Hospital doesn't pay me to prepare for my shift? Then I won't be prepared.
    I just don't have this mindset at all! I work for my patients and it has nothing to do with the pay. If it were about the money then I'd go into some job that paid me something, not nursing. I want to know what is going on so that I can be the best nurse and have my A game for my shift, and NOT put my license on the line for greedy lawyers to take away from me.
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    Quote from Vtachy1
    I work for my patients and it has nothing to do with the pay.
    And this Mary Martyr attitude is why hospitals can get away with not paying people to prepare for their shift.

    15 extra minutes of preparation isn't going to make the difference between keeping and losing your license. It is a full week of pay that you're giving to the hospital for free each year. And I guarantee that the CEO and shareholders that are profiting from your giving spirit wouldn't give to YOU a free week of pay.
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    Quote from withasmilelpn
    "Supervisors should NEVER knowingly allow their employees to work off the clock (or eat an unpaid lunch while working) - they are liable too."
    I am a new graduate and I have yet to work as an RN so I have yet to experience this (though I did in my old job...they thought buying lunch that we can gobble in ten minutes should make us happy to work through lunch), but often I read these complaints on posts at allnurses...why do they allow a nurse to get docked for a lunch they could not take? I am sure these supervisors often come here themselves to read the boards and post their thoughts, so why not fix it?

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