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So last night was a terrible night..ran around like usual. But I had this pt. who I had the previous night also. She's a Nephro RN and was on my unit for pulm. HTN and eval for lung transplant. So we... Read More

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    Very nice job! As an ER nurse though, I'm curious as to what her presenting complaint was and why if she was being sent to a cardiac floor she was not evaluated for arrythmia??? it IS possible that she went into a-fib suddenly (lol). Cardizem is the drug of choice, but dig is also acceptable in certain circumstances. This patient would never have left our ER without a full cardiac workup so just curious ..........
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    Wow...great story! You know your stuff and you should definitely look into the APN in cardiology.
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    You're awesome- I'm in school but I hope I can be a rock star like you one day! Keep it up- you sound like a wonderful nurse that would make a great NP
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    dig is not ineffective, but rather effective in the management of chf, especially if CHF is as a result of A-Fib with RVR. the negative chronotropic and positive inotropic properties of this med helps wonderfully. Add lasix iv, and you have a good combo.
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