Funny "Code" Last Night

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    So last night I responded to a code called in the spinal cord injury center. We (code team) arrived in the room to find a bewildered little old man, obviously not in arrest, sitting on a comode asking why on earth all these people where flooding into his room.
    Turns out his nurse had called out to the new grad nurse at the nursing station:


    The new grad heard


    The new gad had called for the code and then went about her duties. The patient's nurse and the patient had no idea a code had been called until the code team came running into the room.

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    Holy Cow! Now THAT'S funny! Got my snicker meter runnin' in the red.
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    So did one of you bring a bedside commode with you?
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    That is so funny!!
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    hahahahahaha poor things! That must have been slightly traumatic and astonishing for the patient! I hate when words get jumbled together and you think someone says something other than what they said.
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    Can you say stage fright?!? LOL
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    That probably almost turned into a code brown.
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    lol! Thanks for the laugh!!
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    The new gad had called for the code and then went about her duties.

    I once got a protein shake for an RN who asked me for a "boost"
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    So she called a code and then went about her business?? Wasn't even curious about a code? Didn't bring the crash cart in?? This is funny and sad!
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