Flu Shots

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    anyone else required to take a flu shot at your hospital??

    Today is the day of the flu shots. Manager reports it's manditory and the only way out is by Drs excuse. If you don't get your shot you don't work.

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    Our hospital provides them free but only if you want one. I got mine Friday.
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    I got mine today.I got it free because I am Diabetic not because I am a nurse.Last year it would have cost me 12 because the company would not pay for it ,needless to say I did not get it last year.
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    It is not mandatory at my hospital, but we do have to sign a form that states we were offered the shot, but refused.
    Our hospital also provides them free.
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    sounds like crap to me that you have to have it or not work. i never used to get it at work, i had it once in 6 yrs. and i know there was no correlation, but i did get sick that one time only! and it was the worst i had ever been.
    I know the hospital i am doing clinicals at is going to pressure us, because they look better the more ppl that get them. dont know what i am going to do yet.
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    I thought that only the military could REQUIRE vaccinations. I think the flu vac is a good idea, but I don't think that I'd be letting my employer make my health decisions for me.
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    I get the shot every year and i never had any problems with it. My hospital offers them and they are our choice if we want one. I don't think it should be manditory but it's wise if you work on an acute floor.
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    At the assisted living center where I work they are offered to employees but not mandatory. I got very sick when I had a flu shot many years ago and would not do it again. I don't think it is right for a job to force people to get flu shots. I don't think it is legal for them to force staff to have flu shots.
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    i just got mine -- they're offered free to employees and strongly encouraged but not required. i think they help, and with the potential for bird flu, i have no problem with getting mine!
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    Wow, sounds illegal. Even childhood immunizations you can get out of by doing a waiver, usually either religious, medical, or personal beliefs. We are "highly encouraged" and have to sign a paper saying we refuse it. There also is talk that if we refuse ours we will have to wear a mask at work. I dont know who you would contact but your facility sounds like they are crossing the line and cant force it on you?

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