Fired during probation... what now-- more than 1 yr RN

  1. Worked in Tele for just over 90 days, then fired!

    I am not looking to vent or to cry on an unseen shoulder here, I hope to hear from others
    who were in a similar situation who overcame a similar situation, I need inspiration and hope!

    I'm in my second career now, working as RN short little jobs here since passing NCLEX

    last year... minor jobs and there, finally landed new grad position at a hospital, on Tele,

    orientation went rocky from the start, old preceptor nurse who would disappear to do

    favors for others on all floors, and constantly going out for smokes.

    She refused to let me see my orientation packet/ sign off sheets, I had no idea what my

    goals were and got very little feeedback. Her favorite thing to do was to loudly proclaim

    anything I forgot or anything she had do for me, making it look like I was such a loser.

    I noticed people distancing themselves from me.

    When I was assigned another preceptor I was so happy but by then I was so behind

    compared to the others and then went on my own earlier than I was ready. I

    communicated this fact but it was sink or swim. I was slow but careful... One night I

    forgot a med and was written up. And then another time I charted "missing med."

    I got bogged down in other things going on, and completely forgot to go to pharmacy or

    follow up on this missing med (an inhaler) and my charge told me about it, I asked what

    now, the night is halfway through, she said "Don't worry about it now."

    "It can wait until the AM."

    I was fired the next day.

    Now I am so devistated I can't think straight. I am mortified and ashamed, I live

    in a large metro area that pumps out new grads from more than 6 different shcools and

    it's so competitive I don't know how in the world I will recover with a "Discharge" on

    record. I'm not eligible for rehire, and many appications online require me to state if I am,

    so I know I will end up not getting as far as an interview.

    I saw this coming early on because that old hag preceptor has a lot of power, and early on

    the supervisor had a sit- down with me and another charge RN, I was honest but

    I could tell they were setting me up for being fired. My union rep said they can fire

    me for anything during probation, but they created a paper trail on me about not getting

    charting done by a specified time (Mind you, no one gets 100% of their charting done by

    22:00 there, but I was required to, or get fired!) if I were dishonest and charted "Patient

    refused med" I might still have a job! But then I would have been fired for something

    else. I asked different RNs about their time mgmt tricks, I know that I was getting it..

    But not fast enough.

    I know now that this job was not a good fit for me, I am owning my mistakes and feel

    good about loving the work, doing a great job (got "Above average/ exceeds

    expectations" on customer service). I feel good about not making any major errors or

    causing any near misses, any harm.

    I feel good about everything I learned, but I feel really bad about how everyone

    there knows how I was struggling with time management and I am so mortified now

    to know that 20+ people there at my former workplace who worked w/ me

    know I was fired.

    I was not there long enough to make any friends and get any good referrals. I don't know

    where to go from "Here?" Pure Hell.

    I feel good about being able to think critically and plan ahead for my patients, like calling

    the Dr. and getting unnecessary "NPO" status removed right away on a diabetic patient

    that had surgery cancelled and then suffered with "NPO" for 18+ hrs., the previous RNs

    were lazy.

    I was so successful in my past life, different career, I always wanted to be a RN,

    got great grades in school, my friends from school are doing great, I live in fear they

    will find out about my current situation. I am so ashamed!

    Plus I need to work.

    I am paralyzed by this. The union rep said orientees/ new grads get fired all the time

    during probation and they pick up themselves and move on, they get jobs, I asked

    "HOW?" She was not willing to give details.

    I am older, I look good, stay in shape, I am older though, and it does work against me for

    getting interviews, I noticed. I'm 53, I look like I'm late 40's. But they know, when they

    look at my app, how old I am. Last year I interviewed for new grad program at a large

    hospital and was shocked to see I was the only "older" one in the room, everyone

    seemed to be 30 yrs old and younger (30 people). Did not get the job.

    Has anyone out there been through a similar situation? I am not a new grad with 90 days

    of work in Tele, and I am not a nurse with 1 yr experience, so I am stuck in between a

    rock and an impossible place. Even the SNFs here require 1 yr experience! I can't move,

    out of the area, due to hubby job. I just need to hear about similar experiences, hopefully

    do what you all did, to go get another job at a hospital or somewhere.

    Please be kind to reply.

    Thank you, and God Bless.
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  3. by   lisajtrn
    I don't have any advice for you but did want to wish you well and tell you not to give up. Dust yourself off and start firing out applications. There are some terrible people in the world and some awful management. Don't let those who like to bring others down win.
  4. by   HeatherGurl84
    This sounds exactly like what happended at my first RN hospital position. I was told I did not pick up things quickly enough for their liking, had a preceptor that literally called me stupid in front of other nurses, and I was let go within my 90 day orientation. You know what.....dust yourself off and explore all areas of nursing for a new start! Be honest with hiring managers. Let them know your last position was a toxic environment, and you want a place where you are encouraged to grow & learn.

    I was able to get interviewed and hired at a local health department, which I loved!!!! Try smaller clinics in your area, they also offer good learning environments. You can do this!!
  5. by   OCNRN63
    You will get no sympathy from me with your ageist remarks. I find that when people resort to ad hominems, the problem they're complaining about had more to do with them than they'd like to admit.
  6. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    I also agree, you need to put the past behind you and move Forward. You certainly won't get any bites if you don't have bait in the water. I know certain states don't require you to list previous employment if you were employed less than 6 months. You may even want to look at other facilities besides Hospitals. Find a good clinic for example, build up some experience and a reference base. After that, then apply for a hospital position if you still want one. You may learn you like the clinic better. Good Luck :-)
  7. by   Looking_for_sunshine
    Thank you everyone for the comments. I think I struck a nerve with OCNRN63 who hmm, may have been born in 1963, 50 yrs old now, right? I appreciate and value your candor and I am glad you said what you said. I need to really re- think my perception.

    I like to read the posts and the encouragement, it proves to me that there are real nurses out there, the type that does not eat its young.
  8. by   ukjenn231
    Sounds like a place you wouldn't have wanted to stay for long, anyway. I just think everything happens for a reason. There's another, better place out there for you to work. I would put the job on applications, at least you've gotten your feet wet in nursing. It's better than sitting at home since you graduated. Be honest about the job, and you will end up with the right fit eventually, I do believe.
  9. by   apoppyfield
    Right employers can be arrogant in their expectations for new grads. They are working with schools and pumping out new grads like crazy and have to justify that they are hiring. They don't care if you stay right now because they have an endless line of applicants. Look for a supportive environment where they really want and appreciate you, even if the pay is a little less than you were getting. You did get 3 mos of experience, so use it to your advantage. Get a job to insulate you from the bad experience. Check with your former HR Dept and ask them what information they divulge to employer requests. It may not be as bad as you think and they may not even want to divulge whether they would hire you back, that is prejudicial information anyway. Get a list of references, former employers, coworkers, instructors who can vouch for your work ethic. Not every job works out for numerous reasons. And don't worry about your age, in a lot of circumstances it is a benefit. Older workers are more mature, more settled, sleep less , etc.
  10. by   HappyWife77
    That job wasn't for you. You felt it right away. It was a blessing in disguise that you are not there- you keep your chin up!! Suck it up and move on! Who cares about your age (except you maybe)? If you can perform your job and have a good attitude that is an asset. Change the way you look at it, keep focused on what your going to do today- keep applying and being proactive and productive in your job hunt and a door will open for you! Keep your faith and give it to God! Prayers for your success!
  11. by   HappyWife77
    Quote from OCNRN63
    You will get no sympathy from me with your ageist remarks. I find that when people resort to ad hominems, the problem they're complaining about had more to do with them than they'd like to admit.
    What is an ad hominem? ;-)
  12. by   HappyWife77
    P.S. You will find your sunshine!! :-D
    You said you work in a big metropolitan area ....more opportunities.
  13. by   OCNRN63
    Quote from HappyWife77
    What is an ad hominem? ;-)
    [FONT=Baskerville]1 (of an argument or reaction) arising from or appealing to theemotions and not reason or logic.* attacking an opponent's motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain: vicious ad hominem attacks.2 relating to or associated with a particular person: [ as adv. ] :the office was created ad hominem for Fenton | [ as adj. ] : an ad hominem response.[FONT=Baskerville]ORIGIN late 16th cent.: Latin, literally 'to the person.'

    Best example: Watch political debates for candidates running for POTUS.

  14. by   Been there,done that
    Lost you At "old Hag" Perhaps that attitude was apparent.
    BTW- I landed my dream job @ 61.
    Respect goes a long way.