Fast Food Lawsuit

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    Did anyone else in here hear about the lawsuit in New York against McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, & KFC. Seem a graoup of people are suing theses restraunts because eating the food there made them fat and contributed to health problems. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! To make things worse, in my mind at least, One of the primary plaintiffs is a NURSE! She claims that the fast food she ate 2-3 times a week contributed to here morbid obesity and diabetes. Look, I am not the smallest man in the world and I eat fast food at least 5 times a week but i think it takes a rather large pair of b***S to sue because you could not stay out of drive thru! When this is thrown out of court i think the idiots suing should have to pay all the lawyers for the defendents as well as their own and all court costs.
    Now all this being said I am going get a value meal!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sure that isn't just an urban myth like the guy who wore the toaster oven as a helmet?
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    Biscuit.......I totally agree with your opinion on this. The nerve of some people......I tell you. Have a Value meal on me....tell them to bill it to my FREQUENT visitor's card. :kiss
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    Nope no myth. I just saw it on the news again! really gets me hot!!
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    omg, give me a break ! do these fast food chains have to put "warning" labels on their sandwiches now? warning this burger contains x amount of fat.. etc.. excessive amounts could cause obesity... ugh.


    :chuckle :roll
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    The fast food chains should file a countersuit on these morons for terminal stupidity! How do these cases get to court?
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    Good reflection of society's current "everyone elses' fault but mine" attitude. Just like the smokers, these people made a concious choice to stuff their faces. I highly doubt Ronald McDonald was holding a .45 to their heads & force feeding those cheeseburgers.
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    when some people are money "hungry" they will try any avenue to gain their "riches".
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    correct me if i am wrong, the nurse should have known the possible out-come, if not any one else?
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    LPN Future RN,
    I agree that the nurse should have known the outcome but so should the others unless they've been in caves for the last 50 years.

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