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I am in my third semester at nursing school in a BSN program. My clinical instructor failed me at the end of semester with no notice and without writing me up. At this nursing school, a student is... Read More

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    I understand! I went through a similiar situation, I went to the Dean and hired an attorney. I knew I was in the right and the clinical instructor was a big bully! I graduated and with a 3.2 gpa......Fight back! Hope all works out.
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    quickly go to the dean..and move higher up....dont waste your hard earned money..

    i definately feel bad for u...but all schools have boards that review this can she fail u if she gae u no warning....that doesnt make sense...and it could work better in your favour....have them look at yur clinical "papers"..and stuff...dont give up on this dream.... fight for your future....this is a test and i believ u will win this stuff!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow I thought I was the only one experiencing this situation of failing clinicals. First of all, I don't believe your instructor should have failed you without warning. Secondly, what's her beef? Whatever it is who cares? Go to your dean. I failed because of care plans and was "deemed unsafe for clinicals" but yet my instructor still allowed me to work on patients and submit my careplans after telling me she would not pass me with 2 weeks left. On top of that she would spend most of her time working with the other students and whenever I would ask for her help she pretended like she had to go answer a call light or check on the other students. In the beginning of the semester I had some family issues and told her about it, she asked me if I went to church. She baptist, and her husband is a pastor. At first I thought she was concerned, now I really think she discriminated against me and failed me because she can. If I were you I would fight that decision, what's the worse that could happen?
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    Your college will have a grievance procedure in the handbook...ALL colleges do.

    You will be required to file a formal complaint and must be in writing, making phone calls and sending e-mails will not suffice.

    You have to follow it if you want results, because you never know when there is documented evidence of this instructor doing so in the past.

    They are required to give you a reason....and it must be concrete...not because the "instructor didn't feel you were up to par" isn't going to fly.

    If you don't get the result you want initially, there is usually procedures for an appeal until it ultimately goes before the College Board of Directors...and once you have exhausted that, you can even go to court.

    But you cannot do anything if you don't know what to do, and if you don't follow the procedure they will always claim that you didn't.
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    Just wondering what you chose to do?
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    u better FIGHT that ****....yur instructor already ahs her RN and doesnt care...FIGHT IT!!!!!!!!!
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