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I'm in my 2nd semester of nursing school and have med/surg and OB clinicals this semester. I have to say I'm a bit bummed out (as are my classmates) by our clinical experience so far. In our OB clinical, the nurses seem... Read More

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    You know, I am going to rescind on my enjoying having a student. I mean, if I was the teacher, then yes, I don't mind a student. But the last time I had a student, it was like the instructor took over- and I want say in the care of MY pt that is LEGALLy assigned to me-as in , if poop were to hit the fan, I would be called to the carpet. I find they give meds that i may not have given, or done something different- yet if it were a bad or incorrect thing- I get blamed for it. So, no, I do not enjoy having students anymore
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    Quote from happyinillinois
    I hate students. I work in ER. I hate being assigned a student who has never put a foley in a female, and has started 1 IV. If your clinical instructor hasn't done his/her job, you are too green to be in the ER. The students I've met this semester have had no skills, little knowledge and lots of arrogance. It is very discouraging when I am attempting to teach you, and a real learning oPportunity comes along, and the student says something like " I think I am going to go to lunch now" 3 1/2 hours into a shift. If the student doesn't really want to learn, quit wasting my time, because you will slow me down.
    wow- i'm surprised they even let students in the ER. That's kinda dumb- my state we arent even allowed to start IV's until we are licensed, and I don't remember having many opportunities to put in foleys in NS. It just never came up. I think I had opportunity to do just one in my last semester.
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    I am a first semester student and, so far, haven't had a nurse who seems to like students. One was downright rude as soon as she found out we couldn't pass meds yet. Basically, "Well, why are you here then?". I have had some fantastic experiences, thanks to my instructor getting me in there, but I can't wait until we can do more so we can actually be a help to the nurses. I'm sure it's frustrating to them that we can basically only do CNA work and assessments at this point. We get to start meds this week, so hopefully, that'll help. I will never be one to say "Oh, I've already done that", but I have had to say "Oh, I'm not allowed to do that yet", which is too bad, because I want to see it all.
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    Quote from Esme12
    Some people are just miserable.......OR.........try Walking a mile in their shoes.

    Perhaps they feel the same way.....maybe they are sick and tired of working short (AGAIN) and that the staffing has been cut AGAIN because there are students.....even though the students leave half way through the shift and more staff isn't called in.......

    Maybe they are sick of being badgered and brow beat by the administration that their satisfaction surveys were poor again and that no raises will be given, AGAIN....... and that there is a nursing shortage and they (administration/management) is "looking" but everyone knows there is a hiring freeze the last 4 years.....they aren't "looking" for anyone.

    Maybe they have a hard time managing their workload, the CNA has been canceled they got rid of the unit secretaries because they aren't needed anymore with physician order entry. Transport was downsized and they have students that they get NO compensation for but have to teach and increase the workload because the usual staff were canceled.

    Your instructor has the responsibility to teach you AND they get paid for it.....the nurses however have another day of grind, being told to do more with less with a smile again....and be sure that the patient is treated like it is a 5 star resort....oh and by the way there are students today.

    Maybe they were tired of being judged by a group of students who(for literally three hours)stared at the staff,......and through no fault of their own, have not a clue to what awaits them upon gradation...IF they can find a job in this saturated market.

    Maybe they didn't like being stared at by a group of students that criticized their every move.

    That may not have been easy, nor pleasant, to hear. I'm sorry......But, It is all a matter of perspective. As a student it is difficult to really see how difficult being a nurse really is.......I am not justifying their behavior.....but nurses are under enormous stress with the demands of administration being unrelenting and unrealistic. The stress to do more with less but make every patient feel there are the only one in the world is mind boggling.

    Having 8 med/surg patients, with 3 ED admits secretary and the aid was canceled because............ you have 6 enthusiastic 2nd semester students who are expecting to have an enriching, varied educational experience where they are given undivided attention to be lead (with a smile) and shown amazing things so that their clinical experience is fulfilling and worthy......can try the patience of JOB.

    I LOVE students and I have the patience of JOB...but sometimes I need to encourage student to be slightly more reflective and empathetic to the staff for they (the student) truly do not know what it is like to be a nurse. In your enthusiasm starting out it can be difficult to see the harsh realities of bedside nursing.....although......... I agree, there are some nurses that are just that miserable.

    Just try to remember that collect the energy you project.

    Good Luck on your journey.
    I wish I could like this post more.

    OP, to answer your question: I don't work in the hospital anymore but I sometimes enjoyed having students and sometimes didn't. Without question, having a student assigned to you is more work for no more pay. I precepted a senior year student last year and enjoyed it very much. She was eager to learn and did what was expected of her.

    There are times when I didn't enjoy having students... when they took the pre-lunch blood sugar and then left the floor to get lunch without reporting or charting the result, when they didn't check with me before seeing my patient and went ahead and gave him his AM meds even though he was supposed to have blood levels drawn, when they changed the baby's diaper trying to be helpful but ignored the cotton balls that were in it because we needed a U/A before we could start the chemo, when they sat in the back room taking up all the computers to be on facebook and then none of us could chart, when they took the laptops that we needed for med scanning out of the rooms because each one of them wanted to have their own computer, when they got in the way during codes, when they tried to interrupt in the middle of a code to tell me that my patient needed to use the restroom.

    OP, your instructor should be your primary resource during clinical. She is responsible for you and your fellow students and she gets PAID to teach you. You should not expect the floor nurses to go out of their way for you- they have enough stuff to do, even if it may not seem like it. If I had time, I would gladly go out of my way to teach a student... to bring one in the room when I am pulling a PICC line, to grab them if blood needs to be drawn from a PICC or a PICC dressing needs to be changed, to place an NG tube, etc. But if I'm running my rearend off and haven't even thought about sitting by 3pm, I'm sorry if I haven't gone out of my way to help a student who left the floor at 1 to go to their post-conference.
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    I don't like having students follow me, but it's not their fault. I am just way too busy, and students (through no fault of their own) set me way back for the day.

    I might like having them if I worked on a slower paced unit though.
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    Students. The idealism is wonderful. They are never going to turn into biter, old nurses.

    The only time we get paid for working with a studen is during their final placement. And then it's an entire sixty cents an hour.

    When you are buddied on the floor, no extra pay, just extra work and responsibility. Like others have said, it's not our job to teach you your skills. It's our job to enable you to practice them. We also have to deal with the complaints from patients about your care and try and sort out any issues you raised.

    Many of the preceptors in my hospital no longer want o take students. They are told they can not issue a fail on their assessment. They are to encourage the students and mentor them through their "difficulties". *****?? That's the university's job or the college's.

    It annoys us no end when we get a PN student who makes the announcement "I'm going for my RN as soon as I can". Well, great, but right now, you don't know what you don't know.

    Personally I feel that being found with a cell phone on the unit should result in an automatic send home. We've hired a few that were lousy students (the grapevine stretches far in nursing) and they are lousy nurses. Phones in constant use in the med room, 20 minutes in the toilets, hiding in the linen room because they "had to take this call".
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    Quote from Fiona59
    Personally I feel that being found with a cell phone on the unit should result in an automatic send home. We've hired a few that were lousy students (the grapevine stretches far in nursing) and they are lousy nurses. Phones in constant use in the med room, 20 minutes in the toilets, hiding in the linen room because they "had to take this call".
    I set my phone to "airplane mode" so that I can still use my nursing apps, but not receive calls or texts when on the unit.

    It just blows my mind that people do that, either as students or floor nurses. Who has the time?????

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