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Done with nursing school!

  1. 8 Today was my last day of preceptorship!! I can't believe that this journey is finally over, and a new one has begun!!! I also can't believe how much I've learned- but the further I've progressed, the more I've realized I don't know. Hopefully that's a good place to be. On to NCLEX prep for a few weeks, then to join the job search =D Thanks to everyone on allnurses who have been supportive, offered advice, solved conundrums, etc. WOOHOOOOOOOO!
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    I think you are in a good place. Congrats and good luck!
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    And on to the next one. ^_^
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    Congratulations! I still have a year left to go.
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    Congrats PRAYERFULLY I will one day be where you are!!!!! Starting Pre Reqs this FALL!!!!! Wishing you blessing on you TEST!!!!
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    First off CONGRATS!!!! Anyone that can make it thorough deserves a big pat on the back!

    I am now in my 5th quarter of 8. I never thought the OB and Peds rounds would be the hardest of the lot. I am dying here.

    Good luck on the NCLEX and if you havent already, buy the saunders NCLEX RN book. Its $40 on Amazon and worth a $1000 in my opinion.
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    Congrats I am patiently awaiting my turn
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    saunders got me through the entire 2nd year of NS. congrats and good luck!
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    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy CONGRATS I know how you feel i just finished in May and I am taking the NCLEX next month. CONGRATULATIONS go party celebrate your hard work, not for long you have to study for nclex and if you can take the hurst review i took it and loved it!!! CONGRATS and GOOOOOOD LUCK!
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    Congratulations & Good Luck on the NCLEX!!!!! What an amazing journey, huh?

    I finish this December...taking one summer class to lighten the load, then I'll have two classes, three clinical settings, three finals, one NCLEX, one mini-vaca, then one pinning! (but who's counting?) Then I start my preceptorship!!! Woo-hoo!