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I noticed a few times at work that the MDs would take a water bottle for free every now and then, but today I was really observing them in the cafeteria, and I realized, ALL their food was free! They... Read More

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    Would not be suprised if that "free food" was actually charged pretaxed.
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    I used to work at a hospital that had a private MD lounge (once included PAs and NPs, but they were kicked out) that served three catered meals per day. I also used to work at an outpatient clinic that comped all meals in the cafeteria for MDs, PAs, and NPs.
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    My hospital makes physicians, PAs, RNFAs, and CRNAs pay a fee each year(about $500.00) that covers all their meals, drinks and snacks. Although they don't stand in line to pay, they still have to pay for all the food that they eat.
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    They do have a private lounge but as far as I know, they pay for their food.

    There are more of US than them so I wouldn't expect to get free the food is halfway decent and cheap anyway.
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    Quote from linearthinker
    I have no idea. I don't worry about what other people are getting, I just mind my own business. Why do you care OP?
    Why do I care? I was only curious because its what I observed. I've been meaning to ask one of the cafeteria workers if the MDs really do get food for free. That's all. I'm not going to write to the ethics board about it lol