Do you think there will be more nursing jobs by the time I graduate in 2013-14?

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    Right now the hospital around where I love are on hiring freezes or are just not hiring as many people as the used to... Do you think things will pick up by the time I graduate?

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    Taking out crystal ball.... it says,"I dunno."
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    Or how about in december or jan of next year? I have a job lined up at my current rehab hospital but I really want to work in NICU or just anywhere in an acute facility. But yes, I'm thankful for having an offer.
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    2013 is a long time away. Anything can happen.

    My guess is "yes" ... there will be changes -- and probably more jobs available by then. But nobody knows for sure.
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    I think it should be better by then
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    There is absolutely no way to tell for sure: after all, two years ago they were saying that we'd have no problems finding jobs when we graduate...and look at what's happened.

    All you can do is wait and see: hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
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    The recession is not close to being over at all. I am really concerned about how the job market will be in 2012 when I graduate. However, if there are no nursing jobs, there won't be any other jobs either. If nursing is what you really want to do, go for it. This whole recession did make an impact on one of my decisions. I was initially going to try to do a Master's Entry or Accelerated BSN program to become an RN, but those programs are very expensive. I have decided to start with the ADN at a community college and take it from there. Because of the uncertainty with the job market, I do not want to be stuck with a huge loan and have a hard time finding a job.
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    I asked the Magic 8 Ball . . . it said "outlook good"!! So, it must be true!
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    Everyone I know, meet is in nursing school or wants to be a nurse nowadays. I hope so.
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    You know, I've read that a lot, but every time I tell someone that I am going to school for nursing I get a negative reaction. Someone actually said to me "I don't know how you would want to change diapers." I never thought that's the only thing nurses did, even before taking all of my pre-reqs. I don't know anyone else personally who is trying to be a nurse except for people I have met in my pre-reqs. It's nice to find people who want to go down the same path.

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