do nurse practitioners, crna and other nurses with a masters degree drink soda?

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    Do a lot of nps... Resort to soda? Do nps think sodas are bad? How about diet soda?

    I don't drink pop but just wondering.

    What's your personal experience?

    Please volunteer to fill out your answers here

    all confidential and no financial gain for me or you. Not affiliated with any soda company (or any other companies for that matter)....well, my college I suppose since I came up with this topic to analyze. I am also a nursing student for class of 2013.

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    Out of curiosity, why are you asking? (not an NP here)
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    so I could statistically analyze

    random and strange questions pop in my head sometimes and I try to answer them by making them my research topic whenever I get a chance to do one (mainly for my psych classes though)
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    Nope never drink soda. Rots your teeth and kidneys.
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    Only sugar-free and only maybe, 1 per day.
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    I see. Interesting.
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    They are closet drinkers I'm thinking! :icon_roll
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    Not an NP but I don't like the bubbles so I very rarely drink sodas maybe a ginger ale a month?
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    Nope. I try to stay away from it. I do make an exception if I need it to chase my alcohol =]. Love Jack and COke!
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    I drink way too much diet soda. I like the bubbles and I love the caffeine that Diet Coke provides. I did stop for 2 years once, but relapsed.......

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