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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly; Christmas Traditions in Your Workplace - page 4

"Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly"......... "Tis the Season to be Jolly"....... Sure we all are excited and making preparations for the holidays. There are signs of Christmas... Read More

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    meanmaryjean......thanks for sharing. Your decorations and celebrations sound wonderful!!

    I would love to see pictures!
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    Here is another idea for those who are feeling crafty.

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    My HOME is tastefully decorated with not one but THREE Leg Lamps ("It's a major award!")
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    What is a leg lamp? We need a picture of that.
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    My managers bought out her Christmas CDs. My favorite one is Sarah McLaughlin's Christmas album.
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    Not tech-savvy enough to post a picture. Go to Google Images and type in 'leg lamp'. My neighbors LOVE my festive holiday display!

    (It's from the movie A Christmas Story - if you haven't see it, you should)
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    My HOME is tastefully decorated with not one but THREE Leg Lamps ("It's a major award!")
    It's from Italy! LOL
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    (including, sometimes our hospital namesake - 6'5", laser-rocket may know who he is!)
    Not knowing anything about sports, I thought at first you worked at a Buzz Lightyear hospital or something! It's cool that he stops by to see the kiddos though.
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    I work as a UC on a unit that waits till the LAST possible minute to put up ONE tree next to the public elevator, so I do my best to help the Christmas spirit along a little wearing festive scrubs (I have a ton of Christmas ones that I've gotten over the years), putting out my Christmas moose and snowman I got one year from the hospital gift shop. I got asked by a patient one year to draw something on the board in his room for Christmas because he didn't have anything in his room, so I drew a snowman and reindeer for him. Because he enjoyed it so much, I do it in all the patient's rooms for the holidays. (The glass doors in ICU rooms make GREAT canvases, btw!) I decorate the assignment boards on the units with snowmen and reindeer too! :-) Happy Holidays everyone!!
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    Mikey, I love the idea of drawing Christmas pictures on the patients' windows.

    Would love for you to post some pictures of your artwork as well as some of your scrubs.
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    On the hospital floor i work on we have an activationist that does activities with the patients ( mostly the confused ones(. She spent a few days doing Christmas crafts with them and then they had their own craft sale. The patients were so proud of themselves and they raised $108 for the activity fund.

    The 24th is going to be ugly Xmas sweater day on our floor.
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    Unit decorating contest...I spent a part of my shift untangling bauble garland...played Christmas music, too-the only thing that was missing was Egg Nog.
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    This is the first year that nobody has organized a Secret Santa for either staff or our residents. Kind of disappointing I must say. But then, I didn't jump in and organize it myself, so who am I to complain that nobody else did?