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Hi I am a new grad RN. This is my first job. I have been trying very hard to do well. I had been on the floor about 5 weeks when my preceptor and I had to meet with the nursing supervisor to discuss my progress. All the... Read More

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    I was a nervous wreck as a student Nurse and even as a new Nurse in the Nursing Home. Seriously. My hands would shake-I cried almost every night for months. I also had an instructor that would keep reminding me that my nervousness showed. Ya, that did not help. Instead of kind words of encouragement-just humiliation. (I HATED that instructor.)

    Anyway, with experience comes confidence. Pretty soon, you will have been on the floor for 6 months and you will realize that you are working with someone on their 6th day! They will be asking you questions and guess what-you will be answering a lot of them! That will not only help them, but will also build your confidence.

    Nursing is scary. Another instructor (who was amazing) use to always tell us: "If you feel that you never mistakes and situations never make you nervous-it is vacation time because you are now a dangerous Nurse".

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    Without knowing anything about you, and basing it solely on your post, I may have to agree with your preceptor. Why is she a b****? BecUse she have some constructive feedback? While I do realize that we experienced RNs sometimes think that new RNs and students are slow, I actually didn't hear that in your post. She TD you that you are not relaxed, that's it. Stop looking for problems, and psychoanalyzing why she hates you.indtead, listen to what she has to say, and learn as much as you can from her, before you're on your own.
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