CPR online?

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    I recently saw an add for renewing your CPR certification online, and it being widely accepted at a lot of facilities. What are y'alls thoughts about this?

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    You cannot do it entirely online. You can do the didactic online,but you still must d do skills in person. You pay for both... price of convenience.
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    One firm has you give the name of a RN who will attest to your skills competentcy. Also ofer ACLS and PALS. All fine and good, but my hospital made several attempts to confirm my credentials via mail and fax, couldn't get any reply from them.
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    I once took Red Cross CPR/AED for the Healthcare Professional online. The lecture component was all on the computer, then I had two weeks to get myself to the local Red Cross to do the skills test. Since it was endorsed by the Red Cross itself, I never had a problem when it came to confirming credidentals.
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    I took the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers test online, printed out the page that said I passed the test, and brought that with me to the actual class, was checked off on the skills, and then I was free to go.
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    I recently did an online CPR class and did not have to follow it up with an in person demonstration.
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    I would check with your facility. They will not accept online recert where I work and only accept American Heart Assoc. Our education department offers recerts several times a month so we don't have a lot of excuse for letting it expire or needing to go elsewhere.
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    I used this website:


    It was simple, convienent, and quick. Not only did my DON accept it, but they also paid for it. I completed the course and printed out my certification with a card for my wallet.
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    Quote from LovebugLPN
    I recently did an online CPR class and did not have to follow it up with an in person demonstration.
    that just doesn't seem safe to me.
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    Quote from epijunky
    that just doesn't seem safe to me.
    I agree. CPR is a skill and one that should be performed well. Besides doing the compressions correctly, demonstrating the use of a BVM should also be expected. While some may already be proficient with the skills of CPR, far too many are not and those may be the ones who might choose to do online programs that have no hands on skills component. Also, those who do not do CPR regularly may forget a few very important details and do need the hands on refresher. Sometimes the easy way out is not always the best when it comes to providing quality care for the patients or your loved ones, especially your children, in an emergency. Not only is CPR a professional certification but also one that will benefit you in your personal life. I strongly feel all parents, regardless of an RN title or not, should be well trained and educated in CPR with hands on skills demonstration for proficiency.
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