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I was off for Thanksgiving this year. A co-worker was begging me to take her shift and would not leave me alone about it. I told her that I'd do it but I'd need $600 cash prior. She said, "I'M NOT... Read More

  1. by   brillohead
    Quote from sunny time
    anytime I can work a full shift and get time and one half I'll take it. I work for money not for praise.
    I always offer to work holidays for two reasons.

    1) EXTRA MONEY!!!! Holiday pay, baby!!!!

    2) My family is limited to my son who is 17yo, and he doesn't care what day we celebrate together. People with big families and/or young children will get a LOT more out of that day on the calendar than my son and I will.

    I'm fortunate that I was working an office job in my pre-nursing life during my son's formative years, so I always had every holiday and every weekend off to spend with him. I'm happy to pay that forward and also generate goodwill among my coworkers at the same time.
  2. by   That Guy
    Had a coworker in Cath lab who would offer people $50 for a night of call, $150 for a weekend of his call. I made sure to take as many of those as possible.
  3. by   Davey Do