Confused about Carpuject??? - page 4

So why are Carpujects used? Is it to help control drug diversion? Is it somehow safer? I am so confused about the purpose of them because it doesnt change the way you administer the med. If its ordered for IV push then you push... Read More

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    Quote from evolvingrn
    I have NEVER seen ativan come in a vial for compatiable with a carpujet but you only have to dilute ativan if it is being used in a perphial iv. Picc,Pac ect...does not not need to be diluted.
    I've never seen it either, which is why I commented.

    If your giving it via a picc, hopefully it's in a 10cc syringe. In that case, I still dilute it. It's so thick that I like to inject extra saline into the vial (using a pre filled saline flush) and make sure my pt gets every single drop, lol.

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