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Compensation for working in a Dedicated Education Unit

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    If any of you work in a Dedicated Education Unit (DEU), could you share if you receive any financial support such as a stipend, differntial, bonus, etc.... I appreciate your help.

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    What is a Dedicated Education Unit?
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    I had to look this up because I had no idea what it was. I definitely think that DEU nurses should get some type of extra financial compensation. Here's a good link I found:
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    I think this type of unit is a great idea though. But yes there should be a higher rate for the instructing nurse and a decreased novice pay for the new nurse. To facilitate the balanced budget of such a unit. Instead of being just a student nurse program this should be for all those new grads who are expensive to train and can't get jobs.

    Its a great idea for a residency program! Where the colleges have taken over the training of what used to be a hospital trained nursing forces, these programs could greatly benefit an understaffed overworked staff nurse.
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    You mean as a preceptor you should be compensated or a student? We have a DEU at our hospital and the nurses who have agreed to precept these student do no get a stipend, since these are students from outside of our organziation we do not provide a stipend. If you do not wish to particpate in precepting you can opt out.
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    To be a preceptor is a step on the clinical latter, along with being part of a committee it will get 1 extra dollar per hour, not much but if you count per year, 2000+- in the end of the year is not too shabby