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I'm sure that many of you remember hearing that report of research that showed that on TV, the code blue save rate is something like 90%, but in real life it is much lower than that. TV contributes... Read More

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    There are some really thought provoking comments here and I do agree with most.

    Recently read opinions on a board that many feel the new ACLS protocols are dumbed down and may be a little too 'easy', maybe for the sake of just passing people. Of course the AHA makes money on the deal. Also, someone said that a few of the new protocols were not studied enough to be a proven theory, just a theory. Now I have no idea if that is so, but what comes to mind is if indeed most Code Blues are not successful why would one make the ACLS experience as intimidating as it used to be. I personally found my last ACLS class informative, comfortable and not in the least intimidating. What a relief, I had been dreading it. Any comments?

    One question - my hospital is initiating a new (to us) DNR/DNI policy. Another words, doctor has to write an order for BOTH or patient CAN be intubated, just not shocked. They are also talking about more specifics on the form - for ex. Do you want vasopressors? (and a whole list of very specific interventions). I think this is WAY over everyones head, they defended their position by saying that it's the DOCTOR who must explain and record in the progress notes AND that it has become a legal issue. Now you and I know the docs aren't going to approach families very often because they are not in the position we are, don't see the family as often as we do, don't get to know individual situations etc. I live in NY. Ever heard of such a thing and what is YOU policy on DNR's?

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    Originally posted by MollyJ

    Anyhow, do you think the general public needs to be more aware of this? people, I'm not saying "never" code an old person BUT if families were aware that a code procedure was unlikely to successful and was more likely to de-humanize people in their last moments of life, don't you think they could do more realistic planning and decision-making?

    yes! yes! YES!!

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    presenting it(DNR)accurately and gently without being out of line...........says it all.........

    yeouch!!!!!!!!! what is it we do for a living.......we don't just flip burgers here...........

    much luv, respect and appreciation to all,

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