clinical applications?

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    clincal applications
    heat,soundwave,electricity,light,heat,force,densit y,adesion and cohesion...

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    Quote from akelboy2
    clincal applications
    heat,soundwave,electricity,light,heat,force,densit y,adesion and cohesion...

    Really???? Manners Matter.....Please, thank you, your're welcome.....
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    What am I missing ??? Is there a question somewhere ??
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    lol wut?
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    Am really sorry,i never ment to be rude.
    Please i need your assistance,we were given this as an assignment
    what are the clinical applications of the following?
    Heat,tempreture,light,adhesion,cohesion,cappilliar ity,electrolysis,machine,force,diffusion,sound,ele ctricity?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    A student nurse frm africa..
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    Was the assignment to solicit strangers on the internet to do it for you? Weird school you go to.
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    op: this is the second thread i read where you posted asking for nurses here to do your homework. have you talked to your classmates? get in a study group with people who are taking your classes and work together to solve and think through problems, if allowed. this forum is the worse place to come to ask people with this kind of help because it is not allowed. besides, in my experience western nursing schools do not seem to focus on the same things your school seems to find pertinent (i am only going by what you have written to be homework problems that sound more like physics not nursing school courses or clinicals). thanks.

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