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I have been a LPN for 3 years in Indiana. I have over 2 years experience in LTC/Rehab and Alz. I am also a junior in college for my BSN. I started a new job about 5 weeks ago. I work weekend options (two 16 hour shifts) so I... Read More

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    Quote from alphabetsoup
    Some of this sounds like the same routine from my old days romping in LTC. Except for the higher acuity. Very true though, hospitals are under pressure to discharge patients and those patients enter rehab/LTC in not the best of health.

    Other than supplies/organization (you can be the solution in those cases) and staffing (not within your control), would you ever stay? At least 2 of those issues are easily correctable.
    The only way I would stay is if they increased the CNAs or hired other staff (i.e. servers for the dining room). I am not asking for them to give us more nurses. I understand that can get to be expensive. But I am sure that they can hire some other positions so I can actually do MY job.
    As for the supplies and organization, during my meeting with my DON I asked if I could come in for about 4 hours and reorganize and try to develop a better system that would increase productivity and patient care. She said "That is what unit managers are for".
    They worry about the cost of EVERYTHING. My previous career was in management, so I know all about that. However, I am upset because a lot of our patients are private pay. Not that I care for them any different, but they expect things to be better if they do not use medicare. I heard one family get upset last week when they found out that there were medicare beds (I guess they were not even told they had that option).
    I also heard that a unit manager (salary) sent home a nurse (hourly) so they could decrease their labor expense for a bonus.
    So, no, I will probably not stay much longer. I thought I finally found a company that cared more about providing care than money, but I was wrong. I feel so bad for my patients and their families.

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    Quote from bsveillon
    I know we're not supposed to get upset with patients or their family members, but that just burns me up. I had that happen to me. This guy who didn't know me did the same thing. I told him I had been caring for his mother for about 7 months, but he wouldn't know since he only comes around when he needs her to sign more papers to steal her wealth! Yes, before I finish this story, I had consequences, and no longer work there. Anyway, I got sick and tired of the mess. The only people's whose opinions really matter are the patient. But no one cares what they think. I told this so-called man, when you go to nursing school, and you pass the boards, and you gain all of my certifications, then I will ask for your opinion concerning my capability in practice. Until then, you are ignorant, self-righteous and disgusting.

    It's not so much about defending myself, my credentials, as much as the frustrations over this stupid healthcare system. Always fussing over petty crap and never attending to the REAL issues!
    You want to know the funniest part of that story? Later that day, the wife found out that I am junior in a BSN program (I think a coworker told her). She changed her tune and was being "over nice" to me. She was very interested in my future plans as a RN and talking about the weather. So she would rather have a RN student care for her husband than a LPN??? It was crazy.

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