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Hi, everyone! I just got accepted last week into a 1 year accelerated BSN program for this fall and can't wait to get started. I've been reading through the posts on these forums for a little while now, eagerly taking in the wide... Read More

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    I worked HR for 7 years.

    I miss
    -hour lunches, ability to do errands over lunch
    -going at my own pace, autonomy, ability to be creative and design my own projects. Really miss this.
    -ability to take half days or take a vacation day on short notice
    -some flexibility in my schedule
    -ability to relax and have fun with coworkers - i.e. parties during work, ability to spend time chatting about the weekend, or going out with them after work. Really miss this too.
    -the ability to take things slower/take more downtime if I was not feeling well or burnt out, or, could work ahead.

    I don't miss
    -mouse on wheel feeling
    -feeling like I wasn't making a big enough difference.

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