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A few threads latley have had tittles that got me all excited to read the juicy "gossip", only to be very disappointed or think the OP was a little on the the nutty side. So I thought we could share our juicy "I can't believe the... Read More

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    I have worked LTC before, I understand how crazy medpass's can get and how far behind one can get. But I'm sorry Brandonlpn, your reasoning for having a resident soil them self, I don't understand. If your in the room already and your behind already, taking 10-30 minutes to help a resident toilet is NOT going to hurt anyone! I'm sure the CNA's you work with, will also appreciate NOT having to clean the resident after they have soiled themselves and the bed.
    This is just my thinking.....

    One of the "oh no the nurse, did not do that" moments, was seeing documented by a new lpn "full does of Lantus 150 units not given, due too PT fs of 110 @ 2100. Lantus 75 units given instead, for PT safety." Yes that is exactly what the nurse had documented! Yes I felt bad showing the DON, as this was not the first time this new nurse changed orders on her own. But we both had a SMH moment when we saw the MAR!

    Michele RN

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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    The residents in question refused a bed pan, it's always offered. I'm guessing you don't work in LTC. There's just no time for 2 staff to get a total care Hoyer lift up on the toilet every time. I have 49 residents with 3 CNAs. Should we neglect the rest of the floor to spend 20 minutes getting someone lifted onto the toilet? You do the best you can with what you have, that's a reality of long term care nursing.

    And THAT my friends is why I will do everything in my power before I let my parents or loved ones in a LTC center, if at all.
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    I absolutely understand what Brandon is saying -- I too encounter patients who refuse to use a bedpan. While my ED setting is perhaps the polar opposite of BrandonLPN's LTC environment, I too tussle almost daily with patients who are alert but have some issue (new lower extremity fx, new onset symptomatic a-fib, worrisome heart rate or BP) who cannot seem to understand my patiently explained reasons why it's not safe for them to get up to the bathroom right now. Interestingly, the more recalcitrant (or belligerent, if you prefer that term) patients in this predicament usually say to me at some point in the conversation, "if you won't get me up to the bathroom I'm going to (insert colloquial vulgar term for urination and or defecation) in this bed and you'll have to clean it!" Now whose dignity is being insulted, hmm??

    And NO patient/resident should EVER be moved in a Hoyer by a single staff person.

    Back to the regularly scheduled thread ...
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    We had a code one night i locked my med cart . This RN told me, sorry i have to pass my meds. I was speechless..
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    here is a gross one , hehee i worked with a nurse and when ever he had anxiety he picked his nose. i mean wham right out in front of everyone at the nurses station and go wash his hands in the bathroom ( i suspect he ate his boogers in the bathroom) . he did it alot and i was sooo grossed out .. ewww well someone spoke to him and he cut back, but after a code or a real stressful sitiuation he would pick like crazy . he was digging for gold..
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    Just to be clear, I never suggested anyone should use a hoyer alone. It's a 2 person machine.

    "No day but today"
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    Hmm,I have worked in Ltc before,and I have to agree with BrandonLpn.Its tough,yes it is. Someone mentioned if you are already behind 30 minutes on med pass,what difference would taking 30 minutes to help a pt to the toilet make?It would make a world of difference,actually. I have had residents on Pancrease who needed it right before meals. Also accuchecks,which I do first. If I am already late with accuchecks,how is it possible to spend 10 to 30 minutes helping someone to the bathroom? What makes it even more annoying,if I miss the resident who needs the accucheck while they are in their room,they are usually in the dining hall,and you can't give meds or do accuchecks in the dining hall, so now what? I'm not sure toileting takes priority over meds.(someone wrote that toileting takes priority over meds)I loved Ltc too.
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    When I was a cna,a nurse poured mouthwash over a resident's vagina because she said it smelled. I asked her why and she said"its known as the other mouth."I know it had to burn. I'm not one to report other nurses or aides.
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    Quote from smartnurse1982
    When I was a cna,a nurse poured mouthwash over a resident's vagina because she said it smelled. I asked her why and she said"its known as the other mouth."I know it had to burn. I'm not one to report other nurses or aides.
    Wow. Just wow. Youshould have reported this. Perhaps that CNA needed more education about what mouth wash and where to put it.
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    In response to smartnurse1982- you are ASSUMING, that I was referring to accuchecks and meds that need to be given <30mins prior to eating. I still have never heard of anyone dying from getting their insulin at the table, while eating, and do you really expect me to believe that you have never given a quick injection, at the table, with the patients permission? Then you have never worked in a LTC facility without a med aid or in a hospital! I am not going to argue with you, but for Pete's sake you expect me to believe you have NEVER been late with any med because you were in doing something else with another patient?

    Michele RN
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