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Can nurses carry a calculator on the job to calculate dosages? I'm terrible at math when it comes to solving problems in my head. It's like my brain gets scrambled. Due to this I'm getting discouraged about becoming an LPN.... Read More

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    Phones generally have calculators built into them so that what I use if I need it. Our computers have them too. There are calculators everywhere!

    Pharmacy generally has everything calculated for us but you still need to check. For pedi patients, we need to have 2 RNs to verify the dose, math and the amount you are drawing up for anyone <40kg.

    If in doubt, I call pharmacy. I once had a 22 month old who had to get an IM shot of Rocephin...the provider ordered lidocaine to e mixed with it. I don't remember the dose, but I had to call pharmacy to know what concentration the med would be once mixed and figure out how much I needed to draw. Then of course I had another nurse verify with me.

    Always check, double check and triple check.

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    Quote from umcRN
    I've probably got three calculators in my bag, we have them at all our pyxises (pyxi? haha) and outside most rooms, and for anything i'm not sure about I double check with someone else. This is peds and a decimal point could kill, no pride here.
    Atta girl!
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    Personally, I would just take my calculator and do my job as best as I can. I don't ask permission for items like this. About 3 years ago we had to sign a paper that we were not to carry our own cell phones. Well guess what? Three years later, everyone is with their cell phone in their pocket. I see the manager walking around looking at hers.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone. I just had that question pop up when I was reading the Calculating Dosages in the Fundamentals book, and thought to myself, "Hmm, I might need a calculator...I wonder if nurses use it?"
    I'm glad that it's OK to use them! I'm not a Nursing student yet, but learned this much from you guys to always double-check the medication.

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