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    Is there any stay at home jobs that a BSN can have? Does it make as much as in a hospital?

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    Quote from FutureRN2008
    Is there any stay at home jobs that a BSN can have? Does it make as much as in a hospital?
    Hospitals are pretty much the highest payers that I know of. The shortage is greatest there, so the pay is commeasurate (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong, but go with it!).

    BSN or ADN RN, all the same when it comes to stay-at-home jobs for the most part. You sacrifice money when it comes to convenience. There's legal nurse consultant positions, but of course you are marketing for yourself in that capacity, and it's not exactly easy money. You can do home health care; of course that's not stay-at-home but you do have a good measure of autonomy. Nothing you're going to do exclusively "at home" is going to earn much.

    For the greatest monetary reward, it's the bedside in a hospital.
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    I know that you can work as a legal nurse consultant from your home but you need to have quite a bit of experience to do that. The vast majority of nursing jobs require taking care of patients. So, unless you have patients in your home, it would be difficult to have a stay-at-home BSN job.
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    What about telenursing positions?

    My aunt, for the last several years, has worked as a telenurse on a 24 hr nurse helpline from home. I'm not sure how much she earns but she only does it PT. Her FT position is in the quality improvement dept for a gov't healthcare agency.
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Nothing you're going to do exclusively "at home" is going to earn much.
    I respectfully beg to differ. I make as much working from home as a disease management educator as I did at the bedside, with the exception of shift diff. I save more in gas than I would be making with shift diff, anyway. Plus, I have a much better benefits package now. My employer even gives us $4,000/family up front in a health reimbursement account each year to spend on medical costs. We have our HSA/HRA money on a debit card, so we don't have to turn in reimbursement claim forms every time we go to the doctor, which is wonderful.

    They also offer tuition reimbursement, and all the other recruitment packages that hospitals offer. it may be worthwhile to check out options in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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    I notice the OP is only 18 years old -- and would need to get clinical experience before she qualified for the better-paying jobs that could be done from home.
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    Oh- didn't notice that. Yes, you would have to be an experienced nurse to do those jobs, as they require a strong background in nursing to operate independently.
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    not meaning to hijack the thread, but if one wants to get this type of job,what heading do you search for- telenurse, etc? i doubt they have a heading "stay at home nurse:wink2:" , so what would be some other search terms? thanks.
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    Any recommendations on how to land a job such as this? This sounds like a great opportunity. I've applied to several insurance companies in the past, with no luck.

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    If you go to
    you can do a search for nurse, case management, utilization review, disease management, telehealth, or utilization management. Most of these businesses will advertise that you can work from home after 6 months (usually). I will PM you both links to where I work, so you can see if they have any openings near you, and can look at the job descriptions.
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