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Bruised liver?

  1. 0 Has anyone ever heard of a bruised liver? Is there a medical term for it? I can't find a thing on the internet with what is a bruised liver and what is the treatment or etiology (I'm guessing trauma to the liver?)

    Thought maybe someone has heard of the medical term for it.
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    Liver Contusion which essentially is a "bruise".
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    Your organs bruise just like the soft tissue under your skin....

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    Yes, it's usually caused by blunt trauma to the abdomen. There is no treatment, just careful watching for a bleed through serial H&H's.
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    Term is hepatic contusion

    Excellent article regarding abdominal blunt trauma (liver trauma/hepatic contusions):

    eMedicine - Liver, Trauma : Article by Ali Nawaz Khan, MBBS, FRCP, FRCR