Is bringing dougnuts for my clinical unit o.k.? - page 2

Is it ok to bring something like a box of doughnuts for the unit I'll be in, as a thank you? I know their day would be a lot easier if I weren't there poking my head in everything they do and grilling them with questions all... Read More

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    I would suggest something healthy like fruit or veggies and dip.Why does everyone assume that junk food is the best gift? Heaven knows I have enough trouble staying away from it, I don't need it on the report table at work.
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    We just had a doctor leave and he brought a mud cake then cut it up into bits and placed it in the tea room
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    It's a great idea to show how much you appreciate the staff.
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    Yes, it ok and welcome. When I worked in the hospital, the students' last day was the best day of the semester because of all the treats.

    As far as preferred offerings go, I'd personally say bagels and cream cheese... they seemed to be the biggest hit on my floor.
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    YES please bring donuts.
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    Yes. Bagels are also good.
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    Anything is appreciated but cookies are not as messy as doughnuts. You can either bake some or pick up a small variety pack at the grocery store. Oatmeal cookies are best, either with or without raisins.

    Actually, if a particular staff member is very helpful then try to figure out what they like for snacks.
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    I've ALWAYS appreciated food gifts, of any sort. I think it's a really nice gesture even if it's not something I personally want to eat.
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    Quote from amoLucia
    Since you're asking ---- and this is personal, but I am usually very selective about what I knibbble on at work. I don't eat things that are homemade too often. That's why Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kremes are fine with me. Also there's usually not a lot of time, so just grabbing a donut is easy to grab & go.

    I have brought in mini-sandwich platters from the deli/supermarket, also. Another simple grab & go item.
    I always laugh when someone says they would prefer to eat a dunkin donut or krispy creme before eating something homemade.

    I used to work at Dunkin Donuts when I was in high school and all I will say is that if you think you're more protected from germs and other things by eating from there think again
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