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Has anyone read any great books about nursing or nurses? Healthcare in general? I love historical fiction and am looking for recommendations.... Read More

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    Quote from Kay28
    Oh, I love anything by Echo Heron as well. She has several that are based on her life as a nurse. Then theres several fiction books but they are out of print, so you have to find them used. My favorite author, hands down.
    There are 3 of her books on kindle. I have never read any of her books but will check them out, thanks.

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    Nursing in the Storm. It's a lot of first-person accounts of what it was like to be a nurse during Hurricane Katrina when the hospitals became islands in the middle of disgusting germ infested water, lost power, hand-bagged ICU patients, etc. Some of the stories don't sound so awful and others made my eyes bug out of my head. It's got a lot of tedious stuff in it to, especially hospital histories (listed at the beginning of each section, as the stories are grouped by what hospital the nurse worked at), but the stories themselves are good.
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    The Everlasting Life of Henrietta Lacks.

    THe Disappearing Spoon (how the elements on the periodic table were named. More interesting than it sounds)

    Sulfa: The First Antibiotic

    I tend to like the ones based on facts, as they sometimes are more weird than the fiction

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