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Has anyone read any great books about nursing or nurses? Healthcare in general? I love historical fiction and am looking for recommendations.... Read More

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    Anything by Echo Heron.
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    Oh, I love anything by Echo Heron as well. She has several that are based on her life as a nurse. Then theres several fiction books but they are out of print, so you have to find them used. My favorite author, hands down.
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    Quote from MoopleRN
    Anything by Echo Heron.
    I agree. She's a great author.
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    Thanks for all the input!
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    We Band of Angels.
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    Final Gifts. Not fiction but very good
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    "Angels in America," while we're massaging the "angels" trope. But different. And there's a great video of the movie they made of it, too; you'll love the nursing characters.
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    Villa Triste by Lucretia Grindle. So, not completely about a nurse, but it's set during WW2 and a nurse has a big role in the story. Great historical fiction.
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    LisanicolePN I love that trilogy I read those books even before I took a pre-req!!

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    Yes!! Echo Herron totally rocks!! I love her books!!

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