Beyond the Bedside: 10 Nurse Opportunities Outside of the Hospital - page 2

For most nurses, landing your first hospital job right out of school is one of the high points in your career. As you become more skilled, you may move around to try new specialties and find your... Read More

  1. by   melissa.mills1117
    Quote from ICUman
    What is the income potential for working as an "at home case manager" RN?
    Hi ICUMan! The income potential is good. When I first left the hospital and went to a case management position I did take a bit of a pay cut, mainly because I was no longer getting shift and weekend differentials. But, I gained my weekends and a Monday-Friday schedule, so for me it was fine. Now that I have been in case management for many years, my earning potential is great. I still have a Monday-Friday job and working from home is great. When making these types of changes you must take into account things like, no travel expenses, little extra food and clothing expenses, and time saved when your commute is literally down the hall.

    For me, it was what I needed for my family. I am just lucky that it ended up being something that I love too.
  2. by   Racer15
    Quote from ICUman
    What are the qualifications and where do you find positions like this to apply for?
    The only requirement at my job is that you can start an IV and have RN behind your name. I'm friends with the site director and she approached me askinf if I would be interested.