4 Times You Should Hire a Career Coach

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    Nurses get busy with their jobs and forget to create careers. If you are a new nurse or a tenured one looking for new opportunities, this article will identify 4 times you may need to hire a career coach.

    4 Times You Should Hire a Career Coach

    Whether you are a new grad or a tenured nurse, finding the perfect job to advance your career takes work. You will have to search online, tap into your network, and apply to many opportunities to find the right fit. This can be a frustrating journey for many nurses.

    Could it be time to turn to a career coach?

    If you have a leaky toilet, you will call a plumber. Or if the garage door no longer raises when you push the button, you won't go out there alone to fix it. (Well, some of you may!) The vast majority of you will need to call in the professionals.

    Why should career advice be any different? Hiring a career coach does not show weakness. In fact, it shows that you know your limitations and reach out for help when needed.

    4 Times You Should Hire a Nurse Career Coach

    Feeling Unfulfilled

    Have you ever gone to work and quietly wondered to yourself, "How did I get here"? Did you get a job and forget to create a career with goals and advancement?

    If this describes you, it may be time to reach out to a nurse career coach. Feeling unfulfilled in your job often bleeds over into your personal life. Before you know it, you are unhappy all the time. You may feel hopeless and not even know where to begin to find a new job that fits your needs, wants, and current skill set.

    A nurse career coach understands the current job market for nurses. They can do an assessment to help identify what area of nursing will be the best fit for you. They can help you get credentials, experiences, and networking opportunities you need.

    You have Become a Job-Hopper

    No one intends to be a job hopper, but one bad job choice can quickly lead to another. Before you know it, the dates and long list of jobs on your resume overpower your skills.

    Nurse career coaches know how to create resumes that downplay job hopping and showcase your skills. Without this expertise in resume writing, you won't know the best way to keep your resume at the top of the pile. The coach can work with you to create a list of impressive skills that attract future employers.

    You Are in the Job Application Tilt-a-Whirl

    Your resume has so many revisions you barely recognize it. You send it out and get a few callbacks. You have even had an interview or two. But, the job offers are not flowing.

    Your head is starting to spin with all this activity and your frustration levels are rising. You need a job coach.
    Many nurses looking for a new job don't know how the process works today. Most employers use resume scanning software. This chooses resumes based on keywords before a live person ever lays an eye on it.

    A nurse career can help you create a career plan. They can take a look at your resume and aligned it to your target market. They can also give you networking ideas that will have you landing interviews and getting a new job in no time.

    Networking Makes You Queasy

    Many nurses don't like to talk to nurses from other units. So, the thought of calling upon nurses from your past is downright dizzying. If this is you, you probably avoid networking altogether. This can be a big issue when you are looking for new opportunities.

    You must get comfortable with reaching out to people in your network. You will also need to create new relationships with nurses and other staff working at facilities that catch your interest. You need to understand what the hiring managers are looking for to create a resume that gets their attention.

    If this is too far outside of your wheelhouse of skills, it may be time to hire a nurse career coach. They can help you find groups and individuals to connect with. They help you create a template message you can use to send to new contacts Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

    If you are in any of these situations with no end in sight, reach out to a career coach. Your friends and family can only help so much in this category.

    Do you have a positive experience with a career coach you would like to share? Are you looking for a new job, but reaching a dead end? We would love to hear more about your career search experiences. Comment below to get the conversation started.
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